F. E. Frazier
F. E. Frazier was born 1920 in Cravat; son of Clarence Frazier; born1898; Jefferson Co and Charlotte Brown;1901 in Marion County.Fred was in WWII; was cook in Army and was in the Phillipines when Pearl Harbor was bombed. On his discharge; wife and dau. moved with him to Mt.Vernon for a short time; over the years they moved back and forth from Mt.Vernon to Centralia several times. He had worked on R. R.; hauled cattle, and various jobs until he got one with Joe Boyle who was a contracter in Mt.Vernon. They worked on different things around Mt.Vernon, including Mitchell museum and Logan Street Bapist Church. F.E. was well known as auctioneer in Jefferson and Marion counties; he had auctions with Melvin Abrams; Harry Michaels; Jim Scott to name a few from Jefferson County, area. Fred loved to square dance; and to dance period, went to different places that had bands and dances. Fred was tall, thin with long legs that could go all night when the music started. He was known around the east part of town from selling fruit and vegetables when in season, people commented about the man who would squat for hours on end on his front porch selling his products. Liked Posey county watermelons and cantalopes;and got several truck loads during the seasons.Favorite thing to do was swap and trade and would always be willing to trade you for something instead of selling. Gave a lot of fruit and vegetables away to people, had a little box on porch with the note saying "leave money in box'. He was honest and expected others to be also. A couple years before his death, he was so weak at times, he would have fruit delivered and had to almost crawl to get to the chair on porch to be able to sell his wares. On April 2, 1995, F.E. passed away of lung cancer and was buried at Iuka cemetery. 

SUBMITTED BY: Janice Staples
JAN 21, 1998 

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