WILLIAM H. MAXEY. The agricultural interests of Shiloh township are represented by some of the most intelligent and enterprising citizens of this part of Illinois, and none stands higher in the list than the well known farmer whose name appears above. He is descended from pioneer ancestry and in his personality are combined many of the sterling qualities that characterized his forefathers as they braved the dangers and privations of frontier life. Mr. MAXEY was born in Shiloh township, Jefferson county, Illinois, on the 5th day of August 1853. His father, William T. MAXEY, was born in the same township, being the son of Rev. Joshua C. MAXEY, a Methodist minister. Our subject's great-grandfather, William MAXEY, was a pioneer settler in the township, having come hither when the wilderness was still practically undisturbed, taxing to the utmost the courage and fortitude of the new-comer. Mary M. (CUMMINS) MAXEY, mother of our subject, was also born and reared in Shiloh township. She was the daughter of Samuel CUMMINS, a well known and respected farmer. William H. MAXEY was the first of three children, the other two being Jehu Marshall, who married Ella MOSS, and Laura E., who married William A. PIERCY. Mr. Maxey received such education as was afforded by the local district school, and as he grew to maturity formed the habits of industry and steady application that have been such important factors in his success as a farmer. He has made an intelligent study of agriculture and has familiarized himself with the most modern methods of handling crops as well as kept abreast of the times in the scientific phases of soil study and seeds culture. His farm of one hundred twenty-six acres is well improved, equipped with good buildings and fences, and is well drained. With careful attention to the rotation of crops Mr. MAXEY has been able to get the maximum of production with the least exhaustion of the soil. Mr. Maxey's matrimonial career began on March 6, 1873, when he was joined in marriage to Miss Martha L. HARPER, who was born in Shiloh township, June 7, 1852. She was the daughter of Claybourne B. and Matilda S. (BATEMAN) HARPER, who were also classed as old settlers of this locality. They probably came hither from Tennessee and were the parents of ten children, of whom Mrs. MAXEY was the sixth. Our subject and wife are the parents of one son, Ashley E., who was born January 20, 1880. The Maxey homestead is one of the best known in the community, not only because several generations of the same family have occupied it, but because the social atmosphere here is most genuine and pleasant, and when once enjoyed is not soon forgotten. Mr. MAXEY is well known also in the general affairs of the township, having taken a deep interest in the advancement of matters pertaining to the common welfare. He has been asked at various times to serve the township in its offices, having filled those of Township Supervisor, Clerk, and School Trustee. He affiliates with the Democratic party, and stands squarely on the principle so long maintained by that organization, but he does not at any time lose sight of the fundamental maxims of justice and equity that form the foundation of all good government. 

SUBMITTED BY: Misty Flannigan 
Dec 15, 1997 

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