Jefferson County Illinois 

Many volunteers have worked very hard to provide the researchers 
of Jefferson County a listing of Cemeteries and to provide pictures
of headstones to help you in your personal research.

So please do not take the cemetery listings and pictures 
that others have worked so hard to provide and add it 
to any other website as your own. 

Thank You 
for understanding and respecting 
the work of others.

East Salem Cemetery 
Additions to Listing
Beal, Larry M. "Butch"    		March 19, 1938		Oct. 13, 2004	Obit
Bean, Gerald E.       			April. 03, 1923		Jan 24, 2006 	Obit

Duncan, Charles Thomas 			Feb. 25, 1918		May 6, 2007 	Obit

Fields, Edward Laeton "Cotton"    	Feb. 22, 1945		Sept. 12, 2005	Obit

Huston, Hilda M.    			Dec. 23, 1915		April 23, 2005	Obit
Huston, Russell    			May 17, 1915		Jan. 18, 2005	Obit

Mauer, Darlene P. Askew    		Mar. 19, 1936		Aug. 09, 2006	Obit

Pilcher, James E. "Jim"    		April 26, 1942		Jan. 20, 2006	Obit

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