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Walked and transcribed by Cindy Ford
September 30, 2000
Photos Submitted By: Cindy Ford * 11-2-01

Green, Infant Son                                     9-19-1877     s/o WL&RM
Green, Rhoda M.                      2-8-1852         4-21-1893     w/o W.L.
Green, W.L.                          12-27-1850       12-20-1911    footstone

Ketcham, Hannah                      2-13-1804        11-5-1891
Ketcham, Henry D.                                     9-24-1869     65y2m6d
Lemmon, Florence May                 9-10-1871        9-7-1892      d/o J&JB
Lemmon, James B.                     11-16-1836       10-30-1911    footstone
Lemmon, Josephine B.                 1-16-1844        4-7-1883      w/o James
Lemmon, Rhoda Charlotte              10-16-1869       6-15-1876     footstone
Newell, Fern                         1896             1900          d/o D&G
Newell, Infant Daughter                               1902          d/o D&G

Place, Elizabeth P.                                   10-20-1890    footstone 83y8m27d
Place, Infant Daughter               B&D              11-24-1894    d/o WM& Ida M.
Place, Isaac                                          10-14-1875    74y6m4d
Place, Lydia                                          8-12-1845     footstone 82 years w/o John
Place, Lydia E.                                       10-3-1855     footstone 2y9m1d d/o Isaac & Tilitha
Place, Marcis T.                                      3-9-1905      58y1m4d
Place, Mary A.                                        2-6-1907      footstone 60y10m17d w/o Marcis
Place, Rhoda                         3-24-1807        4-9-1889      w/o Sidney
Place, Sarah J.                                       12-5-1863     2y7m8d d/o Luther & Melissa
Place, Sidney                        4-21-1807        10-3-1890

Sandstone Marker
Sandstone Marker
Sandstone Marker
Sandstone Marker "P"                                                Probably John Place, next to Lydia
Smith, Martha Ann                                     6-7-1857      26y6m11d w/o Amariah
Smith, Son                           11-29-1879                     s/o JI&EA
Storts, Lovina                                        6-23-1873     48y1m22d w/o M.H.S.
Unknown, Footstone
Unknown, S.C.P.
Unknown, J.V.or U.                   no dates
The following have been added from Fred Justice to
aid in your research

Place, Margaret E.                        1855     6y d/o I&T
Place, Paul H.                            1872     Civil War
Smith, Infant                             1850     s/o JL&EA

Hello Cindy : I want to say thank you on behalf of PLACE Family - for transcribing the above cemetery. We had wondered for a long time about the Matriach - Lydia Garland PLACE - widow of John PLACE.  Lydia and John, both natives of New Hampshire, married in Rochester, N. H. on November 22, 1787 by Joseph Haven of the First Congregational Church of Rochester [Source: New Hampshire Genealogical Record - Author: Charles Tibbetts - Page 3). John PLACE died April 22, 1828, buried in Washington County, OHIO. There is a story that a stone marker for him was found alone on a hill marked by a tall holly tree in a thicket of pines.   The DAR  placed a marker for John PLACE in the family plot in Old Chapel Cemetery, Decatur Township in 1971. [Source: Tallow Light, Newsletter of the Washington Cty Historical Society. Vol 13, No.2 Pages 81/82]. Lydia, her sons, Isaac and Sidney PLACE and daughter Hannah Place KETCHAM  migrated to Jefferson County, IIlinois in 1838/39. They left with the GILBERT, NEWELL, FAIRCHILD and other families. I have extensive genealogy on the PLACE Family and am in contact with other descendants (mostly from Lydia & John's family that remained in Ohio). God bless you ~ Josie 7-7-2001

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