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Cleaned up in May 2005 by:
De Schreiber; Butch Shehorn; Margaret {Shehorn] Marasco and  John Marasco
Photo Submitted By: Margaret Marasco

This house is across the road from this cemetery may not have anything  to do with the cemetery but thought I would share it.
McKinney Cemetery
Spring Garden Twp.

McKinney Cemetery AKA Robertson Cemetery 
Spring Garden Twp.

Walked and transcribed by Cindy Ford 
July 24, 1999
Photos Submitted By:Cindy Ford * 04-07-2002
This cemetery is located in the middle of a cow pasture 
in a small barbed wire fenced area

Adams, Abraham                          May ??,1874     64y

Chaney, Mary M.                         Sept.25,1872    3y 2m 13d d/o WS&MM
Chaney, J.W.                            Dec.03,1862     2y 2m son of WS&NE

Davis, Ivy F.                           Jan.28,1869?    5m2d son of SA&SJ

Roberson, Margit?       1821            June 27,1852
Robertson, Joshua       Mar.08,1797     Feb.24,1849     born in Georgia

Unreadable, Sandstone Marker
Unreadable, Sandstone Marker
Unknown, Broken stone
Unknown, Broken Stone
Unknown, Name Broken off                Aug.28,1848     28y 3m
Unknown, R painted on stone
Unknown, R painted on stone
Wyatt, John F.          Oct.12,1855     July 18,1870    son of John & Macinda
Wyatt, John H.                          July 28, 1856   26y 5m 23d

These stones were found in 1960's by Fred Justice. 
for the sake of researching we thought we would 
include them. 

Adams, Ann L.           1820            1872
Adams, Sarah F.         1814            1855            w/o Abraham
Creek, Viegel           no dates                        s/oWW&F
Geece, Rose Ella                        1868
Lady, Moses             1826            1863
Lady, Unknown?          1820            1848
Wyatt, James H.         1840            1863
Wyatt, John H.          1840            1866

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