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Round Knoll Cemetery

If you would like to contribute to the upkeep of this cemetery
Please mail your contribution to:
Round Knoll Cemetery
7981 N. IL Hwy 37
Mt. Vernon, IL 62864

Round Knob Cemetery also Known as Round Knowle Cemetery,
But better Known by the local people as Round Knoll Cemetery.

Transcribed By:David R. Adcock 
June 1999

Photo's Submitted By: Cindy Ford
Taken July 9, 2001


LAST        FIRST           BIRTH           DEATH           NOTES
Godar       Solomon                         d. Apr.6 1871  (note) Godard is spelled wrong, Should be Goddard.
Pierce      Thomas L.       b.Jan 18 ,1869  d. Sep.18,1870  son of T.E. and S.A. Pierce 
Curlock     Dug             1865            1910            on the same stone
Curlock     Malisa          1873            1953    
Adcock      W.W.            1860            1927    
Adcock      Ora b.          1867            1926    
Bumpus      Lawrence E.     b.Nov 4 ,1927   d. Jan. 2,1998  P.F.C.U.S.Army World War II.(There is two stones one new with this info on it)and(a older stone with Lawrence E. Bumpus b. Nov. 1927, This was all I could read may be some other name and date on it.)
Pierce      Eliza J.        b. Apr. 19,1824 d. Sep 29,1870  
Bumpus      Albert William  b.1917          d.1985          Tec.4 U.S.Army World War II
Bumpus      Albert          b.Mar.9,1880    d. Dec. 1,1967  
Bumpus      Henrietta       1856            1924            (Fitzgerrells) His Wife
Bumpus      Nathan          1849            1931    
Whisenhunt  Elnora B.       1884            1951    
Whisenhunt  Alic                                            (note could not read any dates)
Bumpus      Henry Nathan    Aug. 28, 1913   Feb 16, 1986.   
Bumpus      Rosella         Dec. 21,1881    Oct.2,1886      
Bumpus      Fredy           Sep. 28,1889    Nov. 24,1891    
Page        J.M.            Dec. 1, 1876                    (I couldn't read any more of what was on this stone)
Bumpus      Robert M.       b. Nov.16, 1841 d. May 4, 1905   aged 63y5m24d 
Eldridge    Julia           b. Feb.20,1858  d.Feb. 20, 1937 
Bumpus      Infant of P.R.  b. Feb.13, 1878 d. Feb. 13, 1878        
Bumpus      William S.      b. July 1809    d. Feb. 1885    
Bumpus      Pettus R.       b. Nov.18,1854  d. Apr. 18, 1940 (note on this same stone) is
Bumpus      Julia M.        b. Jan.29,1861  d. Feb. 18, 1948        
Bumpus      Hattie M.       b. June 8, 1894 d. Aug. 16, 1897        
Bumpus      Robert M.       b. Aug. 4, 1879 d. Oct. 28,1888 
Bumpus      Fredy           b. Sep.28,1889  d. Nov. 24, 1891        
Bumpus      Eliza Jane      B. Aug.22,1852  d.June 18, 1904 
Bumpus      Louisae R.                      d. Feb. 29,1887 (note this was the only date on stone)  
            William                                         Son of ( could not read the rest of the stone)
Flint       I.R.            June 18,1858                    ( Only date I could read don't know if it is b. or d. date)     
Adcock      Jessie C.       b.July 15, 1851 d. Apr. 3, 1903 (note this is my Great-Grand-father. Jessie Coleman Adcock)
Adcock      Rebecca         b. Mar 23,1857  d. Apr. 5,1908  Note this is my Great-Grand-Mother .Rebecca Jane Whisenhunt)
Kinman      Infant          b. and          d. Mar. 1909    son of  J.A. And S.A.Kinman
Pace        Joseph          Feb. 24 1851    Apr. 24, 1932   
wife of Orlie Hale,Lizzie                   d. Feb.         (couldn't read the rest)        
Thomason    Joseph M.       1862            1934    
            Mary            1864            1954    
Thomason    Carlie          1886            1986    
Thomason    Cora A.         1886            1923    
Page        Elizabeth J.                    d. Apr. 1, 1876   aged 47 yrs. Wife of W m. R.
Book        Loyd            b.Oct. 17, 1891 D. Apr.10,1900    aged 8y 5m 23d Their son, On the other side of this stone is 
Book        Malinda         b.1849          d.Feb. 22, 1899   aged 50 yrs. wife of H.W. Book 
Dau. of Lucy J.                                              (could not read the rest of this stone.)
Pierce                      b. 14 Sep. 1875 d. 2 Oct. 1892   (could't read other part of name)
            J. A.           Old sand stone with J. A.        (This is Jesse Adcock b. Jan. 1816 d. ?)
Pierce      Henry A.        b. Sept 1880    d.Nov. 1885       son of T.E. and S.A. Pierce
Kelley      Ray             (no other info on stone)
Kelley      Infant          (no other info on stone)
Kelley      Infant          (no other info on stone)
Adcock      Linise  Fitzgerrells                            ( No other info on stone but this is the wife of James Martin Adcock b.14 Oct. 1860 d.26 Mar. 1916 thay m. in 1888 Jefferson Co. Ill. . I don't know when she was b. but she d. 17 Oct. 1889.)  
Fitzgerrell Frank           1839            1897,           (on the same stone)       
            Martha L.       1838            1898            (Note this is Linise Parents)
Paige       Thomas D.       1866            1926    
Pierce      Jerry R.        1871            1928    
Pierce      Letha E.        1885            1933            His wife
Pierce      William Jerry   Mar. 18, 1929   Mar. 21 1929    Son of Herbert and Pansy
Mekee       Susane          b. July 13 1885 d. Mar. 7, 1890 Dau. of T.and M.Mekee(note this may be Makee)   
Whisenhunt  W.M.            b.11,11,1868    d.1,26,1941     

**note** there are 12 old sand stone that can not be read, 
all the dates and names I read to the best of my ability 
sorry for any mistakes I may have made.
David R. Adcock


Alphabetical Listing 
Names with * preceding them have been added to the listing 
by Cindy Ford                                                               

Adcock, Jessie          July 15,1851    Apr.3,1903              
Adcock, Lenise          no dates                                                    
Adcock, Ora B.          1867            1926    
Adcock, Rebecca         Mar 23,1857     Apr.5,1908      
Adcock, W.W.            1860            1927                                                    

Book, Loyd              Oct.17,1891     Apr.10,1900     8y5m23d  
Book, Malinda           1849            Feb.22,1899     50y w/oHW  
Bumpus, Albert          Mar. 9, 1880    Dec. 1,1967
Bumpus, Albert William  1917            1985            Tec.4 US Army World War II      
Bumpus, Eliza Jane      Aug.22,1852     Sept.29,1870            
Bumpus, Fredy           Sep.28,1889     Nov.24,1891             
Bumpus, Hattie M.       June 8,1894     Aug.16,1897             
Bumpus, Henrietta       1856            1924            "Fitzgerrells"
Bumpus, Henry Nathan    Aug.28,1913     Feb.16,1986     Military Marker       
Bumpus, Infant of P.R.  Feb.13,1878     Feb.13,1878             
Bumpus, Julia M.        Jan.29,1861     Feb.18,1948     
Bumpus, Lawrence E.     Nov.04,1927     Jan.2,1998      Military Marker PFC US Army WWII                                                
Bumpus, Louisae R.                      Feb.29,1887             
Bumpus, Nathan          1849            1931                    
Bumpus, Pettus R.       Nov.18,1854     Apr.18,1940             
Bumpus, Robert M.       Nov.16,1841     5-4-1875        
Bumpus, Robert M.       Aug.4,1879      Oct.28,1888             
Bumpus, Rosella         Dec.21,1881     Oct.2,1886              
Bumpus, William S.      July 1809       Feb.1885                                        
*Bumpus, Wm G.?
*Bumpus, James                          4-15-???        s/o RM&??

Curlock,  Malisa        1873            1953                    
Curlock, Dug            1865            1910                                                    

Eldridge, Julia         Feb.20,1858     Feb.20,1937
Fitzgerrell, Frank      1839            1897                    
Fitzgerrell, Martha L.  1838            1898                    
Flint, I.R.                             June 18,1858    other 1/2 of stone
Godard, Solomon                         Apr.6 1871      78y                                     

Hale, Lizzie                            Feb.            w/o Orlie

Kelley, Infant          no dates                                
Kelley, Infant          no dates                                
Kelley, Ray             no dates                                
Kinman, Infant          B&D             Mar.1909        s/o JA&SA       

Mekee, Susan E.         July 13,1885    Mar.7,1890
Pace, Joseph            Feb.24,1851     Apr.24,1932             
Page, Elizabeth J.                      Apr.1,1876      47y W/o Wm. R.
Page, J.M.                              Dec.1,1876              
*Page, Samantha C.                      12-1-1876       21y2m21d  w/oJM
*Page, William N.       10-19-1888      7-11-1889       s/o TD&H
Paige,Thomas D.         1866            1926                    
Pierce,                 Sept.14,1875    Oct.02,1892    s/o TE&SA        

J. A.                                   Old sand stone with J.A.(This is Jesse Adcock b. Jan. 1816 d. ?)

*Pierce, Caroline       1839            1924           footstone w/o Jerimiah
*Pierce, Jeremiah       1824            1900
Pierce, Eliza J.        Apr.19,1824     Sep 29,1870             
Pierce, Henry A.        Sept 1880       Nov.1885        s/o TE&SA
Pierce, Jerry R.        1871            1928                    
Pierce, Letha E.        1885            1933            w/oJerry
Pierce, Thomas L.       Jan.18,1869     Sep.18,1870     s/o TE&SA 
*Pierce, Thomas E.      1848            1924
*Pierce, Sarah A.       1846            1935            w/o Thomas E.
Pierce, William Jerry   Mar.18,1929     Mar.21,1929     s/oHerbert and Pansy                                            

Thomason, Carlie        1886            1986                    
Thomason, Cora A.       1886            1923                    
Thomason, Joseph M.     1862            1934                    
Thomason, Mary          1864            1954

*Unsure                  4-13-185?       6-10-187?       25y1m other 1/2 of stone
*Unsure from Pic
*Unsure from Pic
*Unsure from Pic
*Unknown, No Inscription
*Unsure from Pic         ??-??-1914
*Unsure from Pic
*Unsure from Pic
*Unsure from Pic
*Unsure from Pic
Whisenhunt, Alic        no dates                                
Whisenhunt, Elnora B.   1884            1951                    
Whisenhunt, W.M.        Nov.11,1868     Jan.26,1941             

*****The following stones were not found in 1999 
and have been added from the Fred Justice collection 
to aid in your research.*****

Anglen, William I.                      1873            25y s/oTN&J
Goddard, Lucy J.                        1862            d/o EM&RM
Kinman, Will            no dates
Kinman, Nerva           no dates
Page, Cassie            1867            1945       
Page, Joseph            1851            1932
Pierce, Pettes E.       1875            1882
Pierce, Sarah E/A.      1846            1935

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