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One of the Early Settlers of Jefferson County - 
Active Church Woman, No More 

Death touched the brow of Mrs. Louisa M. Bogan, at 8:20 Thursday morning, 
March 9, and claimed her for his own. For the past week Mrs. Bogan had been ill, 
with an attack of bronchial grip, and while she was very sick, her illness was not thought 
to be fatal. About 2 o'clock Thursday morning she fell into a sleep, and during that 
sleep her condition grew very much worse. 

Aunt Louisa Bogan was a woman of remarkable activity and in spite of her physical 
afflications, caused by numerous accidents, she was wonderfully preserved, body and 
mind, and retained her faculties until the day of her death. She was born in Alexandria, 
VA, July 9, 1825, and at the time of her death was almost 85 years and 8 months old. 
The most of her life had been spent in Jefferson county. She came here with her husband, 
the late John S. Bogan, in 1846, settling in Grand Prairie township, where they lived for a 
few years. The family then came to Mt. Vernon and since that time this city has been regarded 
as home. Mrs. Bogan was truly one of the pioneers and as her grandchildren would gather 
about her she would relate many interesting stories of pioneer life. One in particular was as 
she was going to market, horse back one day, the animal on which she was riding was the 
one used for deer hunting. As the horse was plodding along through an avenue of prairie grass, 
six or eight feet high, a deer crossed the path, and the animal at once started in pursuit and it was 
with great effort that Mrs. Bogan got control of the excited horse. 

In 1842, on the 20th day of September, she was married to John Stewart Bogan, who passed 
away Feb. 19, 1900, in Washington D. C., the ceremony being performed by Dr. John Smith. 
She was the daughter of John B. and Eliza Burnet, her mother's maiden name was Eliza Labille. 
Her parents were natives of France but were married in this country. Mrs. Bogan was the 
mother of eleven children and is survived by fivewho are Mrs. M. M. Goodale, Mrs. W. T. 
Goodrich, Mrs. Annie L. Pace, J. Frank Bogan, all of this city and W. V. B. Bogan, of Chicago. 
In 1892 Mr. and Mrs. Bogan celebrated their golden wedding and hundreds of friends called 
at their home, 1712 Jefferson Ave. Aunt Louisa was a member of the Presbyterian church from 
early girlhood. She and Uncle Johnny were two of the twelve charter members of the Pesbyterian 
church, in this city, and it was largely due to their efforts that the church was kept alive in its early 
years of life. She was devoted to the church and until her years forbad her, she was regarded as 
the most active memeber of the congregation. 

The funeral will be conducted at the First M. E. church, 2 o'clock, Saturday afternoon, by Rev. 
W. V. McAdoo assisted by Rev. G. E. McCammon. The reason that the service will not be held 
at the Presbyterian church is that repairs are being made and the church is torn up. The body will 
lie in state from 10 until 12 Saturday and the casket will not be opened in the church. The funeral 
cortege will proceed to Oakwood cemetery where the body will be laid to rest beside her husband. 

March 10, 1911 Mt. Vernon Register News 
Submitted by Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera
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