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Martha Jane Herron

Washburn, Illinois December 23, 1940 

Martha Jane Wilkey was born February 11, 1870 in Hamilton County, 
Illinois, one of ten children of James A. J. and Ruth Cates Wilkey. 
Of this large family only two survive, Mrs. Ellen Bond of Delafield, 
Illinois and Marshall Wilkey of Decatur,Illinois. 

On March 20, 1890, Martha Wilkey became the wife of Charles Wesley 
Herron, and for twenty-four years they continued to reside in that 
part of the state, ( Jefferson Co. ), until better opportunities for 
their growing children invited them to this vicinity where, for 
another quarter of a century, twenty-six years to be exact, they have 
made their home, making fifty years, lacking only nine days of their 
Golden Wedding Day when Mr. Herron slipped away to the Eternal Home 
on March 11,1940. 

As the years went by with toil and cares and hopes, a large family 
came to the worthy couple, ten children, of whom seven remain; William, 
Morley, Mrs. Luella Arends, Walter, Ransom, Harley and Raymond, all of 
Washburn, except Mrs. Arends of El Paso, Harley of LaRose, and Raymond 
of Geneseo. Two daughters passed away in early childhood; Viola, at 
six, and Nannie May, in infancy. The second son, Charles Homer, laid 
down his life in France in his country's service on the day the
Armistice of war was declared, November 11, 1918. There are also twelve 
grandchildren, belonging in almost equal numbers to the seven living 
children of the parents now united on the farther shore. 

Mrs. Herron was the only Gold Star Mother of the American Legion 
Auxiliary of Washburn. Her costly sacrifice was borne with fortitude 
worthy and generally to be found in mothers of large families, worthy 
of the Spartan mothers of old, worthy of the stalwart sons and loyal 
daughters whom she has left to carry on in her place. 

(Charles and Martha Herron during their twenty-four years in Jefferson 
County lived in the Dix, Illinois area and that is where there children 
were born and schooled. ) 

Submitted By: David Herron 
great-grandson of Martha J. Herron

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