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Mt. Vernon Newspaper - October 1890 

Annie Moss Latham was born in Louisa county, near Richmond, Va., on 
May 6, 1798, and died in Mt. Vernon, Illinois on October 21, 1890. She was the 
daughter of Rev. Lewis Johnson, one of the pioneer Methodist preachers of 
Illinois. In her early life Sister Latham's parents moved from Virginia to 
Tennessee, and in 1819 from Tennessee to Illinois, settling four miles from Mt. 
Vernon. On July 6, 1822, she married Ransom Moss, by whom she had eight 
children. In 1835 Mr. Moss died, leaving her the care of her children to raise 
and educate as best she could in an almost unbroken wilderness. Her industry and 
energy in this heroic task knew no bounds, and her success was phenomenal. After 
a few years she married James Latham. In a few short months she was a widow 
again, and her responsibilities increased by the birth of another son. Her 
father was a tower of strength. He preached, sang and shouted the high praises 
of God all over this country, and when at home held family prayer with his loved 
ones three times every day. From this pious raising came "Grandma's" crowning 
glory of a thoroughly consecrated religious life and an unswerving fidelity to 
God under all circumstances. At the age of eleven she joined the Methodist 
Episcopal Church and rejoiced in her communion and membership 81 years. For ten 
years she had been blind, but her other faculties were unimpaired. She literally 
walked with God, and was often in the house of God with His people. Her 
descendants number about 200 souls, running down to the fifth generation, and 
"Grandma" was loved and reverenced by all. In her life and death she was more 
than conqueror. 

J.B. Thompson 

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