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Alva Glen Shehorn

The following  is the handwritten obituary read at the funeral of my grandfather Alva Glen Shehorn.
The spelling and puncuation is left as it appears on the paper. I have the original copy. 
A very dear possesion from my family treasures.  
Submitted By: Margaret "Shehorn" Marasco

Thu. Aug 1, 1940 

Alva Shehorn was borned July 3, 1880 in Elk Prairie Ill. son of Mr and Mrs marion Shehorn. His 
mother died and left alva when a small boy. He was taken into the home of his Aunt Jane Kirk and 
raised. She being a good woman taught him the tings that has always helped him to be a good boy. 
As he grew to manhood he was a honest hard working man, I have known Alva since he was 10 
years old. 

He work many summers for Clark and I. not one smuty or cuss word did I hear him say all during 
his stay at my home. he was far above the avrage man in this line. 
He was married to Miss gertie Roberson Oct 21 1906. 
To this union was borned five children. One died in infancy. A true husband a good father in every 
respect. Never heard him utter a cross word to his family. he gave his heart to God and accepted 
Jesus as his Lord and Master some 38 years ago.  United with the Christian Church in Elk Prairie Ill. 
He lived the life here in our midst has written his own obituary, as he spen the entire life of 60 years 
and 28 days among us all. 

His children can rise up and call him blessed. Alva has been a great suffer, but his good wife a real 
jewel was always ready to do all she could to releave and comfort him. Always at his side when he 
kneeded her. rite at home  not days or weeks but months. never grumbling. his children has been 
wonderful to stand by mother in doing all they could to make him comfortable. 

Melvin the old standby, words cannot tell half his value. half his goodness to his family. shurly God 
will have him a mansion made out of the good deed sent up by his faithfullness to his parents home 
siter and brothers. also to his church. most men his age seeke the pleasures of the Tavern life, while 
Melvin is a deacon of his church. couldn't be a bad boy and be the son of Alva and Gertie. Alva was 
a big hearted fellow. Both his wife's parents died in his home. July 10, 1940, my last visit to see him, 
He ask me to write his obituary when he was gone. i said, Alva how do you feel about the long journey 
just ahead of you. He said, Viola, It's alrite. i fixed it years ago. No dread at all. August 1, 1940 6:15 a.m. 
God called  he left without a strugle. This closes the life book of Alva Shehorn. He has gon to rec'd the 
reward God had promised to all who love and serve Him. As he said good nite here It's good morning 
up there. He leaves a broken hearted wife, three sons, Melvin, arvol, Edward and one daughter Lula. 
One grandchild one sister Maud Shehorn Butler of Lincoln Ill and a host of friends.

Dady what a lonley place we'll find when we get home; We'll always be looking for you Yet we know you will not come. how oft we'll think of you when nites are long and lone and wonder when our time will come to join you in your home There to dwell for evermore with God preat angel band, and see our Savior face to face and see his nail pierced hands. It's hard to lay you in your grave and leave this lonly place; we hope to meet you some sweet day by God's great help and grace. from now until then farewell Alva. Viola Shaw, Ina, Ill.
Source: Date: Thu. Aug 1, 1940 Submitted by: Margaret "Shehorn" Marasco

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