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Submitted by: 
Nancy Davis, Nancy Elbertson, 
Brenda Heriford & Rebecca Taylor


1936 Class Officers
James Stables - Vice President 
Wendell Porter - President 
Jeannette Miller - Secretary

1936 Vernois
Wendell E. Porter Senior Picture 1936

Wendell E. Porter See Obituary

Lavina Strattan
She was a Math Teacher and daughter of Keith Strattan

Keith T. Strattan
From 1926 Vernois Year book. He was on the board of Education in 1926, two years before his fatal accident See Obituary
Gertrude Strattan 1924 Vernois Yearbook, Mt Vernon High School, Mt Vernon Il. She is the Daughter of Charles Gregg and Lucy Seibert Strattan

Gertrude Strattan
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