Jefferson County, IL
Submitted By: Janet Fryar Rohlfs

Lewis M. Cole died on or about Nov. 21, 1882.

Mary E. Cole, widow.  Hubbard R. Dare, father-in-law, Admin.  
Children: Ola Rado (Ollie), Edgar M., & Blanche Cole, all minors.  
Allen C. Tanner, guardian ad litem.  Hubbard R. Dare, W. T. Dare, & 
G. W. Dare Bond $1000.  H. J. Peavler, medical bill.  Paid out to: 
White, Pavey Allen, H. R. Dare, J. M. Dare, Pace, Peavler, W. T. Dare, 
Mary E. Cole.  Note signed by L. M. Cole, W. T. Dare, J. M. Dare to 
Trustees of Schools for $60 Mar. 7, 1881.  Sale Jan. 5, 1883 net $268.85.  
Buyers: G. W. Dare, Peterson, Brady, E. P. Allen, Quinn, Mason, 
Vincin Hamilton, W. T. Dare, Joseph Dare, Rush Vaughn.  W. T. Dare, 
Clerk; H. R. Dare, cryer.  H. R. Dare summoned to court Sept. 5, 1887 
regarding the L. M. Cole estate - he hasn't complied with order of the court. 


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