Jefferson County, IL
Submitted By: Janet Fryar Rohlfs

Mary Dare died on or about Oct. 18, 1865.

Mary Dare died on or about Oct. 18, 1865.  
Rolen Dare, Admin. His mark Dec. 8, 1865.  Heirs: William Carroll, Orlena, 
Sitha, Missouri (dec'd) Merisa (dec'd), Rolen.  Owes: W. Duff Green, medical 
services.  Rowland Dare for taking care of Mary Dare 7 years and 6 months $300 
March 19, 1866.  $150 allowed.  2 notes on Rolen Dare $100 Dec. 25, 1859; $100 
Feb. 25, 1859.  Bill of goods left at H. D. Allen's by me Mary Dare: cuppord $20, 
spinning wheel $2, cow $20, plow gears $3, stretcher $1.25, bedsted $5, 3 barrels 
$.60, 10 bushels corn $3.  Rolen Dare his mark & James Bodine his sig. 
Admin. Bond $400 Dec. 8, 1965.  William C. Dare and Jerusha (wife) their marks, 
Oct. 11, 1853 to Loving R. Bean for $40 - sold their interest in estate of Mary Dare, 
their mother.  They are heirs.  Witness sig. (X) of William C. and Jerusha - Jonathon Wells.  
Sale Dec. 23, 1873.  Buyers: Rolen Dare, Bradley, Wells, Collins, Ooard, Cole (bedding), 

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