Vernois Yearbook
Submitted By: Nancy E. Davis

Mt Vernon Township High School
Building "A"

Silas Echols

The Mt. Vernon Township High School Board
W. S. Partridge         Dr. E. R. Smith
Dr. Andy Hall
C. ?. Hammond Clarence Shoop


Top three Left to right  
Thetis M. Foltz  Associate Editor (Sr) 
Harry L. Sebel   Editor-in Chief (Sr)
Lavina Strattan  Associate Editor (Jr)
Two men on bottom
Charles Partridge Business MGR.(Sr)
Elbert Epler Ass. Business MGR.(Jr)

The Board
Walter H Garrison..Artist-in-Chief (Senior)
Ted Mosely.........Artist, (Junior)
Terry Marlin.......Senior Historian,(Senior)
Margaret Crews.....Junior Historian,(Junior)
Orian Metcalf... ..Sophomore Historian,(Soph)
William Cowger. ...Freshman Historian, (Fresh)
Mildred Bechtel....Society Editor ,(Junior)
Helen Piercy.......Literary & Music Editor, (Soph)
Carl Klein... .....Athletic Editor,(Soph)
Beatrice Elmhurst..Sophomore Editor, (Soph)
Alice Strattan.....Freshman Editor, (Fresh) My Mother
Roy Hestwood.......Senior Calendar Editor, (Senior)
Rolland Klumpp.....Junior Calendar Editor, (Junior)
Amelia Sebel.......Soph. Calendar Editor (Soph.)
Mabel Gates........Freshman Calendar Editor, (Freshman)

Gold Star Soldiers
To those who fought so dauntlessly
In cruel and bitter strife
And on the alter of sacrifice Have laid their greatest offering
To banish Kings whose sway would rule
A world of slaves in night.
Because of their heroic pride
In light and life do nations sing
And liberty's immortal bloom.
From out their sacred dust shall spring,
Like Him who died that men might live
So they have paid the price
But not in vain, for there shall dawn
A day when wrong shall be made right.
Until that time, sweet be their sleep
In His tender care, while o'er their graves
The silent stars their sentinel keep..... OLIVE ELLIS
Mt. Vernon Township High School


Literary Teams
Affirmative  Debating Team
Hestwood (alternative) Sebel, Blackburn, Hall
Negative Debating Team 
Thompson, Stein, Metcalf


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