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Jefferson County, Illinois, , Yearbooks


Vernois Yearbook , 1920-1921, Submitted By: Nancy E. Davis

Page 1

Russell Miller, Clarella Webb, James Johnson, Goldie Blackburn
Page 2
Lavina Strattan, Melton Forsyth, Marie Williams, Russell Steele
Page 3
Lowell Potts, Velma Hicks, Clyde Thompson, Ferne Gholson
Page 4 
Margaret Crews, Thomas Wells, Ruth Stephenson, Donald Lee
Page 5 
Harel Estes, Grace Anderson, Virginia Wheeler, Dale Carpenter
Page 6 
Mildred Bechtel, Daisy Dickey, Delbert Veach, Mary Burger
Page 7 
Afton I. Moore, Charles Ray Knox, Lucile Goin, Evelyn Egbert
Page 8 
Thomas Rainey, Ruth Hayes, Walter Maxey, Margaret Hoffman
Page 9 
Helen Milburn, Fred Gaunt, Helen Strattan, Lawrence Grant
Page 10 
Helen Perry, Ralph Carpenter, Audrey Thornton, Edward Cowan
Page 11 
Wayland Maxey, PMarie Weigand, Gladys Riley, Beatrice Elliott
Page 12 
Neva Elliston, Daniel Simmons, Marcina Sikorski, Edith Cates
Page 13 
Elmer Johnson, Ruby Gurley, Roland Klumpt, Grace Hicks
Page 14 
Wayne Crews, Beulah Winkler, Margaret Taylor, Marion Boles
Page 15 
Eldo Forth, Winnemae Brown, Margaret Shirley, Myrtle Smith
Page 16 
Louise Helm

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