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Vernois Yearbook
Submitted By: Nancy E. Davis

Russell Miller
Russell Miller,forward has a very good eye for the basket and in speed is unsurpassed.
"Runts" sensational basket shooting won many games for the "Orange and Black" and
made him one of the opponents' most dangerous men. He was chosen by the District
tournament officials as forward of the District tournament second all-star team: he was 
also chosen as Captain and forward of the  State tournament first all-star team.
Chester Staley
Chester Staley, center, held down the pivotal position very satisfactorily. He is a good 
floor man and helped much with the defense. Owing to a broken shoulder, which he received 
in the game with Centralia, Staley did not make an all-star team but he did his share of 
playing and deserves much credit for the way he played after his injury was healed
"THE MORNING AFTER" Harris, Capt. Miller, Stanley. Miller, Forsyth, Johnson, Wells, Estes, Mr. Staples, Mr. Echols Capt. Roy Miller Roy Miller , captain. of the five and veteran forward, held down his important position in the most praiseworthy manner. Roy is a "goal getting machine" and is as fast as a tornado. These two aspects helped to win many games for the "Orange and Black" He was chosen by the District tournament officials as captain and forward of the District tournament first all star team. Miller will graduate this year.

The Athletic Association (Officers)

Pres.........Chester Stanley           Secretary.........Herman Dewitt
Vice Pres....Roy Miller                Treasurer.........Mr. E. L. Brock
                                       Manager...........Roy Hestwood
Board of Control
Student Members                Faculty Members
Chester Stanley Chairman               Mr. Silas Echols
Roy Hestwood                           Mr. Floyd Staples
Russell Miller

Milton Forsyth
Milton Forsyth running guard ,is a 
guard un excelled and is a "real" floorman 
as well. "Lucy," by his splendid guarding
helped to win many games, and to hin
as well as to "Jimmie" is due much of the
credit of winning the State championship.
He was chosen as Guard of the District 
first all-star  team. "Lucy" will be the cap
tain of the "Orange and Black "team next year.
 James Johnson

James Johnson back guard, has played
his first season as a regular and has proven
 his worth  "Jimmie" as a back guard is a 
"Wonder" His guarding helped to win
many games and to him is due much
credit for winning the State Championship.
"Jimmie" was chosen guard of the District
 first and State second all-star team.


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