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Johnson County Illinois
Federal Land Grants
"A" Surnames

These records are all from the  Bureau of Land Management
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 Abbott, Plummer G. 1857 

 Acklin, Joseph Henry, 1850

 Adams, Esther, 1855

 Adams, George, 1856 

 Adams, George W., 1857 

 Adams, John of Williamson County -land in Johnson Co, 1854

 Adams, John of Williamson Co.-land in Johnson Co, 1854

 Adams, John T., 1857 

 Adams, Richard Stanly, 1848

 Adams, Richard S., 1850

 Adams, Richard S., 1853

 Akers, George W. of Gallatin Co. 1857 -land in Johnson Co. 

 Albright, John C., 1857 

 Albright, John C., 1857 

 Aldred, Alfred G. of Pulaski Co., 1857, land in Johnson Co. 

 Alexander, Elijah T., 1854

 Alexander, Elijah T., 1856 

 Alexander, Elijah T., 1857 

 Alexander, Wilson, 1855

 Alford, William M., 1855

 Allen, Benjamin Franklin, 1848

 Allen, Nathan of Union Co., 1848 -land in Johnson Co.

 Allen, Squire Grant, 1838

 Allin, Nathan, 1850

 Allin, Nathan, 1854

 Allin, Nathan, 1855

 Anders, Samuel B. of Gallatin Co, 1857 -land in Johnson Co. 

 Anderson, John Furguson, 1849

 Anderson, John Furgason, 1851

 Aplin, David, 1861 

 Arnold, James of Williamson Co, 1857 -land in Johnson Co. 

 Atnip, Jacob, 1848 

 Atnip, Jacob 1848 

 Atnip, John, 1848 

 Atnip, Stephen 1848 

 Atnip, Stephen 1853 

 Atnip, William, 1857 

Ausbrooks, Henry N., of Union Co. 1857, land in Johnson Co

Avits, John, 1857

Axley, Andrew Jackson, 1850

Axley, John, 1838

Axley, Robert, 1835

Axley, Robert, 1838

Axley, Robert, of Alexander Co. 1831, land in Johnson Co.

Axley, Robert, 1841

Ayres, James W., 1855

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