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02 April 2005
Many surname listings updated, a high school added, and a cemetery transcription site link added. Numerous corrections, fixed links, etc. Addition on the orphanage page regarding a photo display.

02 April 2005
Surname listings updated, high schools added, and cemetery location fixed. Glencoe Library put in Cook County, where it belongs!

26 October 2004
A website link for St. Mary of Vernon Church was added upon request. A list of license owners (1933) for handling vinous and malt beverages has been started in the news clippings section.

04 October 2004
A list of pensioners was added to the military section. An adoption page was added. A hyperlink was added to the Santa Maria Del Popolo website. Revisions were made to links and surnames and one lookup volunteer was removed.

14 July 2004
Some newspaper items from September 20 and 21, 1920 were added to the Clippings section, including mention of two adoptions. The Clippings section was renamed News Clippings and some of the items on the front page were rearranged. The Professional Researchers page was adapted so their email addresses do not show on the page, but one must click their name to get the email address. This was done to avoid email harvesting programs that search the web for addresses to send spam to.

20 June 2004
More names were added to the surname pages. A page was cerated for the First Presbyterian Church in Libertyville. More was added on Italians in Lake County. Corrections made throughout the site. A disclaimer on links to outside sites was added per new US GenWeb rules.

09 April 2004
An orphanage page was added in March and a page on ethnic groups was added in April. These, like the rest of the site, are works in progress. More school information was added.

08 February 2004
More school information was added. A page for Christ Episcopal Church in Waukegan was added, and the Immaculate Conception Church (Waukegan) page was updated.

04 February 2004
A schools page has been added. It is a work in progress and is not complete. Feel free to contribute school information. This website is seven years old today.

30 January 2004
An 1892 railroad map showing Lake County has been posted in the maps section. The map legend is off site. If you check it be sure to return to Lake County GenWeb. Thanks to Deb Haines for the railroad map!
A page on St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Libertyville was added.

27 January 2004
Pages on Transfiguration Cemetery and Wauconda Cemetery were added. Overview photos of the cemeteries were included.

31 December 2003
A page on the Swan Cemetery was added. It includes photos of all of the stones I could locate. Feel free to send in Lake County cemetery or burial information this coming month.

05-06 December 2003
A page on naturalization information was added. A new look-up volunteer was added; she will check the Prairie Farmer's Directory. A new family website was added (Voss Kereszturi History Site), as well as a number of surname entries. Some email addresses corrected or changed and some broken links fixed. The Antioch Evangelical Free Church, St. Gilbert Church in Grayslake, Immaculate Conception Church in Highland Park, St. Bede Church in Ingleside, Our Lady of Humility Church in Zion, and Holy Cross Church in Deerfield were added. A Court Records page was added.

02 November 2003
St. Peter Church in Antioch and St. Mary Church in Buffalo Grove were added.

26 October 2003
Immaculate Conception, Mother of God, St. Anastasia, and St. Bartholomew Churches in Waukegan were added.

25 October 2003
St. Mary of Vernon Church, St. Peter Church in Volo, and St. Patrick Church in Wadsworth were added. More information was added about Transfiguration Church in Wauconda. More items were added to the clippings area.

24 October 2003
A couple of items were added to the clippings area. I hope to be able to add more to this area in the future. Any contributions of data are welcome, just be sure to include the source data.

22 October 2003
St. James Church in Highwood, St. Joseph Church in Libertyville, St. Mary in Fremont Center, and Santa Maria del Popolo Church in Mundelein were added to the churches page.

18 October 2003
A search engine has been added to the site! Please still take the time to browse our pages even if you use the search engine. You never know when a name might be spelled differently than you expect. There is also very interesting information on the site that you should not miss. Happy hunting!

17 October 2003
A page on St. Joseph Catholic Church in Waukegan was added.

25 September 2003
A link to St. Dismas Church has been added recently. Updates were made to the surname and the photo areas. A link to a site that has links to free online census data for Illinois was added.

08 August 2003
A link to the Long Grove Community Church site was added. Links to publication information for several cemeteries were added- more to follow.

25 June 2003
An obituary page was created. This is meant as a finding aid for obituaries collections and indices and is not a place to post obituaries.

23 June 2003
A page was created for Transfiguration Church in Wauconda. You can find it through a link on the Churches page. This new page has put Transfiguration photos and other information on the church in one place. Corrections and additional details are being made to the cemeteries page.

21 June 2003
A military page was added. The Civil War page was moved from the main index page to the military page. Broken links fixed on Lake Co. Family Websites page.

7 June 2003
Photos of several Wauconda area churches added, including Wauconda Federated Church, Transfiguration Catholic Church, and Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church. They are accessed through the churches page. Unlike the Ivanhoe Congregational Church, these churches do not have their own pages yet.

6 June 2003
The Lake County IL GenWeb has relatively new webmasters. We have been spending plenty of time fixing broken links, tidying things up a bit, and hope to begin adding new material to the site. Note that the church section is new. The first church pictured is the Ivanhoe Congregational Church. If there is a church that you would like to see on the page, be sure to contact us.

6 June 2003
Fremont Public Library has been indexing vital records from the Mundelein Herald. When completed they will cover the years 1971-1984. Check the library website and find the extractions in the reference area.

Fremont Public Library has added Fremont Township Landowners, Fremont Township Voters' Lists, and an Index to the Local Newspaper.  Click on the link above, then click on Genealogy & Local History to get there.

Lake County Professional Researchers page added.

Barrington Area Library has 3 more cemetery indexes on-line, St. Paul's, Volo & Wauconda!  Follow the directions below (12/26/98) to get there.

1875 Map of Lake County Townships
A really cool  map of the Townships as of 1875!  Check it out!

A poem about census-taking, and what it means to us.  A favorite of mine.

Old Queries
Queries submitted prior to GenConnect system have been moved to this page.

Lake County Old-Timers
A transcription of articles run in 2 Lake Co. papers in December, 1918, listing pioneers of the County who were still alive at that time.  Lots of names!  Article transcribed & contributed by Mary J. Arvidson.

Barrington Area Library
New stuff here!  Click on Local and find lots of Genealogy-like stuff. The newest piece is Barrington Area Cemeteries. Currently 8 are
"clickable", with names listed and two, Cady and Evergreen, even have pictures. They will be adding more.

Township Histories
Waukegan Township is now up!  Whew! That's all of them!

Success Stories
A page for telling how the Lake CoGenWeb has helped people in their family research has been added.

Lake County in the Civil War
The 37th IL Infantry, Co. F roster is now up!  See it at

Township Histories
Most Township Histories are now on-line, between the LakeCoGenWeb and Martin's General Store.  Only Waukegan yet to do!

Fremont Public Library
Fremont Public Library is now online!  Check out the Lake County Libraries page for details.

Update on Lake County Clerk's Office and Pre-1916 records on-line.
This feature has been approved, and a project manager has been assigned.  It's coming, so double check the Lake County Virtual Government site periodically.  I'm so excited!

Long Grove Information
Dewayne Parfitt,  B.C., Canada, informs us:
The Long Grove Community Church records of Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Confirmations, are available through the Long Grove Chamber of Commerce, in a 2-volume soft cover book set covering 1846 - 1918.  They are not very costly and were produced by a Carol A. Knigge (of the LCIGS!).  I ... found them valuable in tracking the residents of the area over a good span of time.  I was also able to obtain a copy of a book entitled "Long Grove Lore and Legend"  which is excellent information about the area and its history, including information about early residents.

Thanks, Dewayne!

Lake County
The Lake County Clerk, Willard Helander, would like to put county records prior to 1916 up on the Clerk's Office Web-site.  BUT!  She needs our help!  She needs to convince the County Board to allow her to buy a scanner.  If you would like to see these records up on the Lake County Site (the official County site, not our genealogy site), send a letter to:

Lake County Board
18 North County Street
Waukegan, IL 60085

Explain why it would be helpful to you to have these records on-line.  Some possible reasons could be:
    When you write for records, you'll already have the document number, therefore shortening the County Clerk's Office staff's search time, saving them time & money.
    You're on a fixed income and would really be grateful for the information.  That way, you'd know whether you needed to send in the fee for a copy.
    Two counties in Florida have done something similar already.  Hillsborough County, FL turned the original old documents over to Special Collections at the University of South Florida  (the marriage records, anyway) who put the index online and scanned in some of the items so you could see the actual certificates.  And Leon Co, FL has their marriage index online with ordering instructions on how to get a copy of the original.  If Lake County puts all of it's older records on-line, they'll be leading the country in this area!

Barrington Area Library

The Barrington Area Library has recently added a section to it's home page called Local History.  It's Arnett Lines History of Barrington and Genealogical Research Information. They plan to put their cemeteries on also, but this will take longer as they are still transcribing them.  They are also working on getting a link from the newspaper index to the Local History section.  Take a look and see if you find it useful!  I thought it was great!

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Updated 02 November 2003