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Cemeteries of LaSalle County Illinois

There are many cemeteries, grave yards and burying grounds scattered throughout the county.  This is a listing of the names and locations that we have come across to date, there could be more than one location for similar names.  We know there are more family graveyards within the county.  If you know of one, please let me (Carol) know and I will add it to the list.


Name Alias Township Section
Baker   Adams  
Kittleson   Adams  
Leland   Adams  
Little Indian Creek Halverson Adams  
Pierce Family   Adams  
Richolson Family   Adams  
Saint Clara Catholic   Adams  
Allen   Allen  
Saint Patrick's Catholic   Allen  
Hegland  Houlihan Brookfield  
Maxton  Woodside Brookfield  
Barnhart (1835) Basore (Bazore?) Bruce  
Hillcrest Memorial   Bruce  
Mackey   Bruce  
Old Saint Stephen   Bruce  
Saint Casimir   Bruce  
Bellrose   Dayton  
Brower Hess Dayton  
Dayton Green Dayton  
Lawrence Family   Dayton  
Deer Park Community Deer Park Baptist Deer Park  
Vermillionville   Deer Park  
Crane   Dimmick  
East Dimmick   Dimmick  
Saint Hyacinth   Dimmick  
Benton   Eagle  
Halcott   Eagle  
Indian Burying Ground   Eagle  
Lostlands   Eagle  
Naramoor   Eagle  
Riverside   Eagle  
River View   Eagle  
Saint Marys   Eagle  
Carter   Earl  
Earlville   Earl  
Precinct   Earl 20
Saint Theresa   Earl  
Brookside   Eden  
Fairview   Eden  
Old Cedar Point Old Cemetery Eden  
Old Tonica   Eden  
Richey   Eden  
Galloway  George Galloway Fall River  
Grand Ridge Mutual Poundstone Family Farm Ridge  
Hill Redman Farm Ridge  
Lutheran Evangelical   Farm Ridge  
Saint Andrews Episcopal Saint Andrews in the Fields Farm Ridge  
Freedom Lutheran   Freedom  
Gouldtown   Freedom  
Harding   Freedom  
Prairie Center   Freedom  
Rachael Hall William Munson Freedom  
Shabbona Park   Freedom  
Bute   Grand Rapids  
Butterfield   Grand Rapids  
Ebersol   Grand Rapids  
Grand Rapids Hudson Congregation of Prebyterian Church Grand Rapids  
Grand Rapids Methodist   Grand Rapids  
Rapids   Grand Rapids  
Rees   Grand Rapids  
Dana   Groveland  
Hope Town Hope Hope  
Immaculate Conception   Hope  
Mount Hope Ossoe Hope  
Saint John's   Hope  
Forest Lawn Memorial Park   LaSalle  
LaSalle   LaSalle  
Oakwood Memorial   LaSalle  
Rockwell   LaSalle  
Saint Vincent Catholic   LaSalle  
West Serena Bend Manlius  
Brumbach   Manlius  
Calvary Oakwood Memorial Manlius  
Christian   Manlius  
Elmwood   Manlius  
Hill Pleasant View Manlius  
Lovell Kimbel   Manlius  
Lowell   Manlius  
Mount Calvary Catholic   Manlius  
Mount Hope   Manlius  
Old Brumbach Cemetery   Manlius  
Riverview    Manlius  
Stebbins   Manlius  
Crandall   Mendota  
Holy Cross   Mendota  
Memorial Gardens   Mendota  
Restland   Mendota  
Saint John Lutheran   Mendota  
Tripp   Mendota  
Four Mile Grove Haight Meriden  
David Strawn   Miller  
Manlius Methodist   Miller  
Norway   Miller 5
Old Norway   Miller  
Olson Cemetery Michael Olson Family Miller  
Pioneer Memorial Park   Miller 15
Section   Miller 16
Stavanger Lutheran   Miller 36
Fox River   Miller (borders Mission?) 3
Nelson Family   Mission 5
Old Norway   Mission 33
Osmundson   Mission 27
Sheridan   Mission 4 & 5
Spradling   Mission 21
Whitehead McInturf Mission 17
Bernard Culver Northville 3
Elerding   Northville 32 & 33
Lett   Northville 22
Northville Baker Northville 19
Pine Mound Ashberry or Dickson Northville 12
Saint John Catholic   Northville  
Saint John Lutheran   Northville 8
Seaman   Northville 32
Sly   Northville 27
Davis   Ophir  
Dewey   Ophir  
Hill   Ophir  
Weisner Wisner Ophir  
Deutsch Evangelical Lutherisca Zion Osage  
Saint Mary's   Osage  
Swedish Lutheran   Osage  
Zion Lutheran Bethany Lutheran Osage  
Wenona   Osage 18
Calvary Catholic   Ottawa  
Dickey Wallace Ottawa  
LaSalle County Asylum   Ottawa  
Ottawa Avenue   Ottawa  
Saint Columba   Ottawa  
Saint Francis   Ottawa  
Woodruff Family   Ottawa  
Brook & Richards   Otter Creek  
Emery Green   Otter Creek  
Funk   Otter Creek  
North Emery Green   Otter Creek  
Russian Orthodox   Otter Creek  
Saint Anthony Catholic   Otter Creek  
Saint Stephen Catholic   Otter Creek  
South Emery Green   Otter Creek  
Voights   Otter Creek  
Wolf Creek   Otter Creek  
Peru City   Peru  
Freeman Freiman Richland  
Brumbach   Rutland  
Classon Family   Rutland  
Daniels    Rutland  
Debolt   Rutland  
Luthern   Rutland  
Nelson Family   Rutland  
Nichols    Rutland  
Paul Richland Evangelical St. Peter and Paul or United Brethren Rutland  
Saint Peter & Saint Paul Paul Richland Evangelical or United Brethren Rutland  
Shaver   Rutland  
Trumbo, Elias   Rutland  
Walbridge   Rutland  
Pleasant Hill   Serena  
Bethel Ottawa Jewish South Ottawa  
Brown's Point Settlement South Ottawa  
David Strawn   South Ottawa  
Park Lawn   South Ottawa  
Summit View   South Ottawa  
Oakwood Memorial Park   South Ottawa & Dayton  
Brandall Farm   Troy Grove  
Meingardt Meinhard Troy Grove  
Old Lutheran Church Zorn Troy Grove  
Saint Peter & Paul   Troy Grove  
Worsley   Troy Grove  
Old Hill   Utica  
Saint Marys Catholic   Utica  
Lowell   Vermillion  
Schrumpf & Schack   Vermillion  
Union   Vermillion  
Ward Family   Vermillion  
Henry Sargent Family   Waltham  
Pleasant Hill   Waltham  
Robert Carr   Waltham  
Waltham   Waltham  



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