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School Pictures, 1902 and 1905

contributed by Joan Roden
(As published in the LCIGS Quarterly, Feb. 1990, v10, #2, p. 44)

The following two lists were found on the backs of two class pictures in the files of the Lake County Museum Library. Possibly someone can identify the school and/or the teacher. The teacher appears to be the same person in both pictures. The children appear to be 9-11 years old. (The photos were not published.)

Some of the surnames are familiar ones from Newport, Antioch, Warren or Waukegan townships.

The picture labeled "1902" was taken outside, next to the brick wall of the building. The children are arranged in four rows with the top row standing on benches, the second row standing on the ground, the third row sitting on benches, and the front row sitting on the ground. There is a little black girl sitting fourth from the left in the front row. The lists are arranged to read right to left.

The teacher is not identified. She stands at the left of the top row.

Top Row Row 2 Row 3 Front Row
Ruth Wilson Martha Gonyo DeWitt Henning Fred Martin
Laura Karsten Willie Erwin Irving Collar Walter Johnson
James Tyrrell Edith Koehler Dorie Thomas Tillie Peterson
Flossie Duachting Lizzie Larson Florence Anderson Ruth O’Boyle
Philip Sampson Julius Schoenke Beatrice Lamson Dora Mortenson
Walter Goggin Margaret Tierman Sadie Schultz Lizzie Wallsmith
William Weaver Arthur Davison Bessie Zitt Bernice Taylor
Elsie Slavin Vera Siver Forest May Amy Davison
    Marie Mills Hazel Nolan
    Ella Campbell Ione Reynolds
    Clara Lewis Minnie Fair (colored)
      Annie Gustafson ??
      Lillian Lewis
      Gertie Stephenson

The picture labeled "1905" was taken in the classroom with the students sitting at their desks and the teacher standing in the back of the room. Again the teacher is not named.

Grace Mears George Slack Violet Durkin
George White Inez Smith Rosa Hoffmeier
Robert Erwin Herman Olson Robert O’Neill
Esther Larson Elsie Higginbotham Loretta Rocheloh
Ada Hoff Pearl Hicks Elchard Lyon
Lucy Dalrymple Ruth Crombie Hattie Nohlechek
Ellsworth Mills Arthur Lippert Bertha Spafford
Philip Sampson Blanch Stephenson Edward Needham
Laura Draper Maud Sampson Dorothy Douglas
Blanch Richmond Mary Shultis
Hershel Haines Stella Thayer  

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