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The Society's collection of genealogical materials also includes what is referred to as "The West Wall." The "West Wall" collection is available only for people who visit the Genealogy Room. These items cannot be removed from the library. An inventory of the collection is as follows:


Brumgarner's Pocket Code of Illinois, 1914
Consumers' Cooperative Movement in Illinois, U. of Chicago Press - by Colston Warne, 1926
Historic Illinois, Ill Dept of Conservation-Div of Historic Sites, 1978-1981--incomplete
History of Illinois Republicanism, Rollins Publishing - by Green Raum, 1900
History of the Illinois State Fed of Labor, U. of Chicago Press - by Eugene Staley, 1930
Historical & Cultural Agencies & Museums of Illinois, Association of Illinois Museums & Historical Societies, 1993-1994
Illinois Blue Book--13 volumes, State of Illinois, 1927-1982--incomplete
Illinois Genealogical Society Directory, Ray Gooldy, 1993
Illinois Heritage, Illinois State Historical Society, Fall/Winter - 1999 and 2000
Illinois Heritage Ass'n Newsletter, Illinois Heritage Association, July-Aug, 2000
Illinois Libraries, Illinois State Library, 1975-1988--incomplete
lllinois Medical Blue Book, McDonough and Co., 1921
Illinois Public Domain Computer Conversion Project - Index to
Illinois State Archives Newsletter-"For the Record", Illinois State Archives, 1975-1987--incomplete
Illinois St Gene Soc Newsletter, Illinois State Genealogical Society, 1980-2002-incomplete
Illinois St Gene Soc Quarterly, Illinois State Genealogical Society, Summer, 2000
Illinois State Historical Society - Dispatch/News, Illinois State Historical Society, Fall, 1999 - Winter, 2000/2001
Illinois State Historical Society - Journal, Illinois State Historical Society, Autumn - 1999 and 2000
Illinois Visions, Illinois State Historical Society, 2000-2001
Kaskaskia Records - 1778-1790 - Vol II, Vir Series, Illinois State Historical Library by Clarence Alvord, 1909
Tell Me A Story- Memories of Early Life - Coal Fields, Southern Illinois U., 1982


"The Yellowjacket", Great River Genealogical Society, Quincy, Illinois, 1975-1983


Cass County Historian, Cass County Historical Society, 1982-1991--incomplete

COLES COUNTY (see Cumberland County)

"Among the Coles" (4 looseleaf binders), Coles County Genealogical Society, 1978-1991--incomplete


Chicago and Its Makers, Flix Mendelsohn - by Gilbert and Bryson, 1929
Chicago and Cook County, Loretto Dennis Szues, 1986
Chicago Gene Soc Newsletter (9 vol.), Chicago Gene Soc, 1973-2002--incomplete
Chicago History Magazine, Chicago Historical Society, Winter-1983/1984
Chicago Historical Society - Annual Report - 1989-90, Chicago Historical Society, 1990
Holy Name Church - 100 Years - History of, Catheral of the Holy Name, 1949
Newberry Library - Friends of Gene publications: The FOGCutter and Origins, Friends of Genealogy, 2001-2002 - incomplete
North Suburban Gene Soc Newsletter, North Suburban Gene Society, 1984-1996--incomplete
Northwest Sub Gene Soc Newsletter - Index, North Suburban Gene Society, 1976-1995
Northwest - News from the, Northwest Suburban Council of Genealogist, 1978-1989--incomplete
Olcott's Land Values Blue Book, Olcott, 1926-1947--incomplete
Recollections of Life and Doings in Chicago, Normandie House - by Charles H. Hermann, 1945
Rotary One, Rotary Club of Chicago, 1926-1947--incomplete
So Sub Gene and H Soc Newsletter, The South Suburban Gene and Hist Soc, 1970-1990
So Sub G & H Soc - Rooting Together, The South Suburban Gene and Hist Soc, 1968-1983
So Sub G & H Soc - A Surname Index - 1985, The South Suburban Gene and Hist Soc, 1972-1987--incomplete
So Sub G & H Soc - "Where the Trails Cross", The South Suburban Gene and Hist Soc, 1985
WLS Family Album, WLS - Prairie Farmer, 1936
World's Fair - Chicago, Geographical Publishing Company, 1933


Cumberland and Coles County, Cumberland and Coles Gene Soc, 1972


Gene Society Newsletter and Quarterly, De Witt County Gene Soc, 1977-1979--incomplete
The Farmer City Mirror, Farmer City Gene Soc, 2002 - incmplete


"A Look Into The Future", Dept of Geograph and Geology - Ill St U., 1980


"Crossroad Trails", Effingham County Gene Soc, 1982-1985


"Henry County Genie" - Quarterly, Henry County Gene Soc, 1983-1988


"The Iroquois Stalker" - Quarterly, Iroquois County Gene Soc, 1986-1988


Jersey County 1850 Census, Jersey County Genealogical Society


Aurand Family Cemetery - Hampshire Township, W. Edward Bennett, 1974
River Valley Memorial Gardens, W. Edward Bennett, 1974


Birth Certificates - Lake County, IL (see far left shelving), copies, 1886-1915
Bridge to the Past, Wadsworth, IL, Bicentennial Book, Wadsworth Bicentennial Staff
Civil War Veterans - Lake Co, IL
District Plat Book Records - 1841-1848, Lake Co, IL, Joan Roden
Ela Township - "Planning for Ela Township", Lake County Regional Planning Commission, 1972
Lake Co Gene Society Minute Book Records, Lake County Genealogical Society Board, 1978-1979
Lake Co Gene Soc - Newsletter, Lake County Genealogical Society, 1978-1997
Lake Co Gene Soc - Quarterlies, Lake County Genealogical Society, 1995-2002, incomplete
"Lake County, Illinois, Zoning Ordinance", Lake County Board of Supervisors, 1939
Lake County Wills, DAR, 1965
Libertyville-Mundelein - "Focus on...", League of Women Voters, 1969
Memories of Mundelein, Mandell and Associates, 1984
Nautilus - LTHS, Libertyville Township High School, 1924, 1925, 1927, 1928
Treasures from Northern Illinois, Vol. 1, No. 3, Ruth Mogg, 1978
US Naval Training Center - Co 153, Albert Love Enterprises, 1948
Waukegan Area - "Historical Highlights of the...", Louise and Julia Osling, 1976
Waukegan Centenial - "Official Program", Waukegan Centennial Committee, 1959
Zion Gene Soc - Newsletters, Zion Gene Soc, 1985-1986


Lee Co Gene Soc Calendar, Lee Co Gene Soc, 1998-1999


Macaupin County Gene Soc - M Co Searcher, Macaupin County Gene Soc, Jul, 1999


"Footprints in Marion County", Marion County Genealogical and Historical Society, 1979-1980


McDonough County-Crossroads of West-central Illinois, McDonough County Genealogical Society, 1987-1989


McHenry County Connection Newsletter, McHenry County Genealogical Society, 1995-2002


Newsletter, McLean County Genealogical Society, 1999-2000


"Jacksonville Illinois Geneal Journal", Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical Society, 1984-1996 - incomplete


Mt. Vernon Genealogical Society Quarterly Newsletter, Mt. Vernon Genealogical Society, 1981-1983


A Kaskaskia Chronology, Herb Meyer, 1986
The Trails, Randolph County Gene Soc, 2002


Blackhawk Genealogical Society Quarterly, Blackhawk Genealogical Society, 1981-1994 - incomplete


St. Clair County G. Soc. Newsletter", St. Clair County Genealogical Society Newsletter, 1988-2002


"The Combined Bibliography of the Gene. Collection", Shawnee Library System, Carterville, Illinois, 1976-1980


Maps From The Covers of Saga of Southern Illinois, The Genealogical Society of Southern Illinois, 1986
Newsletter, The Genealogical Society of Southern Illinois, 1991-1995
The Saga of Southern Illinois, The Genealogical Society of Southern Illinois, 1989
Surname Index, The Genealogical Society of Southern Illinois, 1973


Newsletter, Will-Grundy Counties, Illinois, Genealogical Society, 1995-1997

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Abstracts of Title - Diamond Lake - Libertyville

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United Methodist Church, Libertyville, Illinois - Family Directory, 1981-1982
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod - Year Bk 1981, Northwestern Publishing House, 1978-1990 - incomplete

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America - A Narrative History, George Brown Tindall, 1992
American Genealogical Lending Library, AGLL, 1983-1992 updated
America - Passenger Arrival Records, 1988
American Vignettes, 1996
"Battles and Leaders", Forbes, Inc., 1994
"Civil War Chronicles", Forbes, Inc., 1994
The Oxford History of The American People, Samuel Eliot Morison, 1965
Surnames Listed in the 1790 US Census, Marquis Who's Who, 1975-1976
Who's Who of American Women

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Custer's Fall, David Humphries Miller, 1957
Indians, William Brandon, 1961
Indian Arts and Crafts - 1986 Calendar, 1986

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DuPage County (IL) - Case Studies - Methods and Inspiration for Family History Research - 1989, DuPage County Genealogical Society, 1989
FGS - Great River Genealogy Conf - 2001, FGS, 2001
Great Lakes Conf - 1994 - Syllabus, 1994
Illinois State Gene Soc Conf - 1985, 1989, Illinois State Gene Soc, 19851989
Lake Co Gene Soc Workshops - 1993, Lake County (IL) Genealogical Society, 1993-2001, incomplete
Michigan Gene Council Seminar - 1990, Downriver Gene Soc, 1990
Gene Conference of New York - Syllabus - 1983, 1984, Gene Conf of NY, 1990
Ohio Gene Soc - Immigration and Passenger Ship Lists, Dr. John Philip Colletta, 1997
Wilmette Gene Soc Seminar - 1983, 1984, 1985, Wilmette Genealogical Society, 1985
Zion Genealogical Society Workshop - 1997, Zion Genealogical Society, 1997

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United States, etc.

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Correspondance of Officers of the Rev War, W. T. R. S., ?
Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine, Natl Soc. - The Daughters of the American Revolution, 2000-2002, continuing
"American Spirit"
DAR Newsletter, Nat'l Soc. - The Daughters of the American Revolution, 2002
DAR Patriot Index, Nat'l Soc. - The Daughters of the American Revolution, 1966
"Index of the DAR Seimes Microfilm Ctr, Wash, DC", Nat'l Soc. - The Daughters of the American Revolution, 1978
Index of the Rolls of Honor-3 volumes-Vol 41-120, Nat'l Soc. - The Daughters of the American Revolution, 1926/1939/1940
"Is That Lineage Right?", Nat'l Soc. - The Daughters of the American Revolution, 1984
Linage Books - Vol 1 - 166, Nat'l Soc. - The Daughters of the American Revolution, 1890-1939
The SAR Magazine, Sons of the American Revolution, Winter, 1993-Summer, 2001
Washington Landmark - Nat'l Headqtrs, DAR, 1976

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Amer. Population Before the Federal Census of 1790, Evarts B. Greene, 1981
The Annual Register of Officers and Members, General Society of Colonial Wars, 1894-1895
The Colonial Courier, National Society Daughters of the American Colonists, 1999-2001 - incomplete
The Colonial Genealogist, The Heartwell Company, 1970-1982 - incomplete
Colonial Wars, Gen'l Soc of - Misc., General Society of Colonial Wars, 1967-1986 - incomplete
Colonial Wars, Gen'l Soc of - 1892-1967, General Society of Colonial Wars, 1967
Colonial Wars, Gen'l Soc of - Report of Histian Gen'l, General Society of Colonial Wars, 1921-1927
Colonial Wars, Gen'l Soc of - Supplement - Index of, General Society of Colonial Wars, 1941
Ancestors - Part 2 - Roll of Members
Founders and Patriots, Order of the Founders and Patriots of America, 1902, 1911
History of the General Society of Mayflower Desc., Waldo Morgan Allen, 1965
Mayflower Ancestral Index, Vol.1, 1981, Milton E. Terry, 1981
Mayflower Descendants, Massachusetts Soc. Of Mayflower Descendants, 1899-1924-2000 - incomplete
Mayflower Increasings, Susan E. Roser, 1995
Mayflower Families - Volume 1, Francis Eaton, 1975
Mayflower, John Howland of the, Volume 2, Elizabeth Pearson White, 1993
Mayflower Families - Volume 2, James Chilton, 1978
Mayflower Families - Volume 3, George Soule, 1980
Mayflower Families - Volume 4, Edward Fuller, 1990
Mayflower Families - Volume 18, Part 2, Richard Warren, 1999
Mayflower Families - Isaac Allerton, Robert S. Wakefield, 1990
Mayflower Families - William Bradford, Robert S. Wakefield, 1987
Mayflower Families - Francis Cooke, Robert S. Wakefield, 1987
Mayflower Families - Edward Doty, Marion B. Cushman, 1991
Mayflower Families - Degory Priest, Mrs. Charles Delmar Townsend, 1987
Mayflower Families - Henry Samson, Robert Moody Sherman, 1992
Mayflower Families - Myles Standish, Russell L. Warner, 1990
Mayflower Families - Richard Warren, Robert S. Wakefield, 1987
Mayflower Families In Progress - John Billington, Harriet Woodbury Hodge
Mayflower Families In Progress - Peter Brown, Robert S. Wakefield, 1986
Mayflower Families In Progress - Edward Fuller
Mayflower Families In Progress - Stephen Hopkins, John D. Austin
Mayflower Families In Progress - Edward Winston, Ruth C. McGuyre
Mayflower Increasings, Susan E. Roser, 1995
Mayflower Quarterlies - Multiple Volumes, General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1982-2001
Men, Laws and Government - Some Reflections on the Mayflower Compact, Laurence H. Eldredge, 1968
Robert Bartlett of The Anne, General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1995
William Brewster of the Mayflower and His Descendants for Four Generations, General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1996

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The Journal of the Jewish Gene Soc, Jewish Gene Soc, Winter 2001/2002

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United Spanish War Veterans, First National Encampment, 1904

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Abstract of Arrangements Respecting Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1952
Bigwill - British Bi-Monthly Newletter, British Interest Group of Wisconsin and Illinois, 1996-2002 - incomplete
The Cornish American Quarterly, Robert Rowe, 1982-1983 - incomplete
The Discovery of King Arthur, Geoffrey Ashe, 1985
In Search of Ancestrial Hearts, Frank Griffin, Jr.
The Magna Charta Barons, Charles Browning, 1898
"Suffolk Roots", Suffolk Family History Society, 1999-2001


Les Anciennes Families du Quebec
The Best of Canada, International Trade Promotion, Inc., 1990
Chronicles of Canada - 31 volumes, Stephen Leacock, etc., 1922, etc.
Cousins et cousines, NW Territory Canadian and French Heritage Center, 1990-1996 - incomplete
Etude Sur Louis Bureau dit Sansoucy (1630-1711), Rene Bureau, May, 1972
The Long Point Genealogist, Norfolklore, 1980-1987
Lost In Canada?, Joy Reisinger, 1981-1998 - incomplete
Ontario Gene Soc - Families & Newsleaf, Ontario Gene Soc, 2001
Our French Canadian Ancestors, Thomas J. LaForest, 1990
Provinces - Ontario - Families, Ontario Genealogical Society, 1998-2001
Provinces - Ontario - Newsleaf, Ontario Genealogical Society, 1998-2001
Provinces - Ottawa Branch News, Ottawa Genealogical Society, 1998-2002


Fodor's - Europe, Fodor's, 1976


The Cross of Languedoc, The National Huguenot Society, 1984-1995 - incomplete
Vest Pcket French Dictionary, Institute for Language Study, 1958


American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, North Illinois AHSGR, 1994, etc.
American/Schleswig-Holstein Heritage Society, A/S-H HS, 1990-1991
Newsletter, May/Jun 2002
Early German Churches (before 1900) in Illinois, Palatines to America - Illinois Chapter, 1987
German Connection, The German Research Association, Inc., 1983-1991
German Genealogical Digest, Editor - Larry O. Jensen, 1992-1999
German Gene Soc of American - Bulletin, German Gene Soc of America, 1989-1990
German Interest Group Newsletter, Peggy Gleich, 1994-1995
The German Research Exchange, The German Research Exchange, 1970-1971
German-English Dictionary, Klett, 1984
A Guide to German Parish Records - Vol. I, Baden, Bavaria, Wuerttemberg, Johni Cerny, 1988
Immigrant Genealogical Society Newsletter, IGS, 1983-2002 - incomplete
Infoblatt, German-American Heritage Center, 2001
The Palatine Immigrant, PtA, 1977-1998 - incomplete
Palatines to America Newsletter, PtA, 1981, etc.
Research Guide to German-American Genealogy, Germanic Genealogy Society, 1991


Freedom The Wolfe Tone Way, Sean Cronin, 1973
Ireland - A Genealogical Guide for North Americas, Kyle J. Betit, 1995
The Irish at Home and Abroad Journal, The Irish at Home and Abroad, 1993-1996
The Irish Family Names Society Newsletter, Irish Family Names Society, 1989-1990 - incomplete
Irish Genealogical Quarterly, Irish Genealogical Society of Wisconsin, 1995 - incomplete
A Search For Your Irish Roots


Pointers Magazine, Pursuing Our Italian Names Together, Spring, 1994 - Autuum, 2000


Search, Researchers of Jewish Genealogy, 1981-1991
Toledot - The Journal of Jewish Genealogy, Toledot Press, 1977-1982


The Augustan, The Augustan Society, Inc., 1974
Immigration Digest, Arlene H. Eakle, 1987-1990
International Finders, Int'l Gene Res. Foundation, 1996


Tollersrud I Faberg
Vestlandet Newsletter, Vestlandet, 1985-1986


Atlas - Swiata, Worzalla Publishing Company, 1920
The Eaglet Newsletter, Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan, 1981
Poland - Your Business Partner, Foreign Trade Research Institute, 1993


Russian Life, Paul Richardson, 1997


Stockholm, Copenhagen, Olso, Helsinki, Reykjavik, Fodor's, 1985


Aberdeen and Northeast Scotland Family History, AaNSFHS, 1987-1989
Society Journal
An Canach Newsletter, Clan Henderson Society of the US and Canada, 1996
Clan Chattan, Clan Chatton Ass'n, No. 4, 1986
Clan MacLeod Newsletter, MacLeod Clan, 1992-1996
Clan Map - Scotland of Old, Sir Iain Moncreiffe
Family Tree, Odom Genealogical Library, 1997, etc
The Highlander, Angus J. Ray, Barrington, Illinois, 1980-2001
MacDonald/McDonald Family Records, J. Montgomery Seaver
The Rampant Lion, Scotish Historic and Research Society of Delware, 1995
Scotish Journal, Angus John Ray, 1997-1998
Scotish Quest, Scotish Tourist Board, 1992


The Swiss Connection, Maralyn A. Wellauer, 1997


Welsh Family Coats of Arms, Robert J. C. K. Reevis, 1995

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The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy: First Families of America - Vol. I to VII, Virkus, 1925
Afro-American Historical and Gene Soc, NY Chap. - Newsletter, Afro-Amer Hist and Gene Soc, Jean Sampson Scott, Greater New York Chapter, 2002 - Winter
The American Monthly Magazine, Mrs. Mary S. Lockwood, 1898-1900 - incomplete
Ancestral Notes --- Query and Answer Section, 1957-1961
Ancestrial Notes --- Supplement, Chedwato Service, 1962-1964
Association of Prof Genealogists - Quarterly, Ass'n of Prof Genealogists, 6/1/2000
The Augustan - Journal of the Augustan Society, The Augustan Society, 1970-1991 - incomplete
Brethern Roots, Fellowship of Brethren Genealogist, 1996-1999
Early American Life, Early American Society, 1980-1981
Fair Is Our Land, Samuel Chamberlain, 1942
Family Finder, Anderson Publishing Company, Vol. 1 #1-6 1979; Vol. 2 #1 1980
The Family Tree, Genealogical Heritages, Ltd., 1969-1970 - incomplete
Genealogy and History, Adrian Ely Mount, 1957
The Genealogical Club of America Magazine, Genealogical Club of America, 1970-1978
Genealogists Exchange, Gene. Text Res. & Equip., 1983
Genealogical Newsletter, Inez Waldenmaier, 1962-1963
Genealogical Periodical Annual Index, Genealogical Recorders, 1962-1969
Genealogical Reference Builders Newsletter, Robertalee Lent, misc. - incomplete
The History of the American People, Charles A. Beard, 1918
Journal of Genealogy, Anderson Publishing Company, 1976-1980
Linkage for Ancestrial Research, Mrs. Frank N. Reeder, 1971-1973
Magazine of American Gene - No. 13, 18, 19, The Institute of American Genealogy
Meyer's Directory of Genealogical Soc. In US & Cana, Mary Keysor Meyer, 1986
Meyer's Directory of Genealogical Soc. In US & Cana, Mary Keysor Meyer, 1994
Mennonitte Family History
Missing Links, 1962-1963
Names - Journal of the American Name Society, American Name Society, 1961-1967, etc. - incomplete
National Archives Books: The National Archives, The National Archives, 1974
National Archives Books: National Archives Microfilm Publications, The National Archives, 1964
National Archives Books: List of Cartographic Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, The National Archives, 1967
National Archives Books: Treasury Department Collection of Confederate Records, The National Archives, 1954
National Archives Books: List of Cartographic Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, The National Archives, 1971
National Archives Books: Pre-Federal Maps in the National Archives: an Annotated List, The National Archives, 1951
National Archives Books: Population Schedules, 1800-1870, The National Archives
National Genealogical Society Newsletter, National Genealogical Society, 1987-1990 - incomplete
National Genealogical Society Quarterly, National Genealogical Society, 1913-1990 - incomplete
The Northwest Ordinance - 1787, Robert M. Taylor, Jr., 1987
National Historical Magazine - Vol. 72, DAR, 1938
NGS Newsletter, National Genealogical Society, July/Aug 1996
Prologue - The Journal of the National Archives, National Archives Trust Fund, 1974-1978
Query Name Index, The Colberts, Roy and Barie, 1973-1975
The Rebirth of America, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, 1986
Rota.gene, International Fellowship of Gene and Heraldry, 1998
Story of the Great Seal of the U. S., B. J. Cigrand, 1892
The Studebaker Family, The Studebaker Family National Association, Spring 2002


Deep South Gene Qtrly, Mobile Gene Soc, 1983
Southern Gene's Exchange - Quarterly, Editor - Aurora C. Shaw, 1967-1975


Copper State Bulletin - So AZ Gene Soc - AZ, Southern Arizona Gene Soc - AZ, 1969-1972
The Sun City Genealogist - Sun City, Maricopa Co, AZ, Sun City Genealogical Soc - AZ, 1982-1999
Tidbits - Newsletter of the West Valley Gene Soc, AZ, West Valley Gene Soc - AZ, 1996-2000 - incomplete


The Arkansas Family Historian, The Arkansas Family Historian, 1964-1990 - incomplete
Four States Genealogist, Charlene Hook, 1969-1971
The Genie - Ark, Ark-La-Tex Genealogical Ass'n, Inc., 1971-1986 - incomplete
Greene County, Ark, Hist & Gene Soc Newsletter, Greene Co (Ark) Hist & Gene Soc - Ark, 1990
The Journal, Fort Smith Historical Society, Inc., 1983-1985 - incomplete
The Madison County Genealogist - Ark, Century Enterprises Genealogical Services, 1970-1972
Scott County in Retrospect - Ark, Charles E. Goodner, 1976


Clan Gleanings - Kern River Valley - CA, The Clan Diggers Gene Soc - CA, 1986-1970
Gold Dust, Donald Dale Jackson, 1980
Lifeliner - CA, Genealogical Society of Riverside - CA, 1972-1973
The Orange Co, CA, Gene Soc Qtrly, Orange Co Gene Soc - CA, 1967-1972 - incomplete
San Francisco Historic Record & Gene Bulletin - CA, Louis J. Rasmussen, 1963-1964 - incomplete
San Fran Hist Record & Gene Bulletin - Qtrly - CA, 1964-1965
San Luis Obispo Co. Bulletin, San Luis Obispo Co (CA) Gene Soc, 5/1/2002
Santa Maria Genealogical Soc Newsletter - CA, Santa Maria Gene Soc CA, 1971-1972 - incomplete
Sequoia Gene Soc Inc. Newsletter - CA, Sequoia Genealogical Society, Inc. - CA, 1975-2002 - incomplete
The Surname Searcher - CA, Southern California Genealogical Society - CA, 1967-1974
Valley Quarterly - CA, San Bernardino Valley Gene Soc - CA, 1972-1973 - incomplete


Boulder, Colorado, Gene Soc - Quarterly, Boulder, CO, Gene Soc, 1939-1976 - incomplete
The Colorado Genealogist, The Colorado Gene Soc, 1939-1972


Connecticut Ancestry, Conn Ancestry Society, 1997 - incomplete
Conn Soc of Gene - Members, Conn Soc of Gene, 1972
Connecticut Soc. of Genealogists Bulletin, Conn. Soc. Of Genealogists, 1968-1969
Conn Soc of Genealogists Newsletter, Conn Soc of Genealogists, 1971-1982
Conn Sources for Family Historians and Genealogists, Kip Sperry, 1980
The Nutmegger, Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Inc., 1969-1996 - incomplete
South Middlesex - A New England Heritage, Stephen W. Herring, 1986
Vital Records of Lyme, Connecticut, 1665-1850, Verne M. Hall, 1976


Ancestry - Qtrly Bulletin of Palm Beach Co Gene Soc, Palm Beach County, FL, Gene Soc, 1985 - incomplete
The Bulletin, The Gene Soc of South Brevard, Florida, Jun, 2002
The Florida Bicentennial Trail: A History Revisited, Bicentennial Committee, 1976
The Florida Genealogist, Florida State Gene Soc, Jan/Mar 2002
Newsletter - Florida State Genealogical Soc, Inc., FL St Gene Soc, 1985-1986
PastTimes, Historic Ocala/Marion County Gene Soc, 1997-1998
Treasure Chest News, Central Florida Gene and Hist Soc, Inc., 1984-1986


Georgia Magazine, Ann E. Lewis, 1968-1971
Southern Echoes, Augusta Gene Soc - GA, 1991-1992


The Idaho Gene Soc Quarterly, Idaho Gene Soc, 1969-1987
Lost and Found


Allen County Lines, Allen County Genealogical Society of Indiana, 1996
1995-1996 Annual Report - Indiana His Soc, Indiana Historical Society, 1996
The Bridge - Newsletter, Indiana Historical Society, 1995-1999
The Calumet Region - An Historical Resource Guide, Purdue University - Calumet
The Genealogist, Ray Bakehorn, 1971-1972
Genealogy, The Gene Section of the IN Hist Soc, Willard Heiss, 1973-1986
The Hoosier Journal of Ancestry, Naomi Keith Sexton, 1978
Indiana Magazine of History, Indiana University - Dept of History, 1992-1999
Lexington - A Pioneer Town - IN, Lexington Historical Soc, 1988
Mississinew Genealogical Quarterly, Mississinew Gene Soc - IN, 1973
Sycamore Leaves, Wabash Valley Gene Soc - IN, 19732-1973
Traces, Indiana Historical Society, 1995-1996


The Burlington Genealogical Soc. Newsletter, Burlington (Iowa) Genealogical Society, 2001-2002
Cartographic Records Relating to the, The National Archives, 1971
History of the Spirit Lake Masacre, Lorenzo Porter Lee, 1971
History of Warren County, Iowa, Rev. W. C. Martin, D. D., 1908
Iowa Genealogical Society Newsletter, Iowa Genealogical Society, June, 2001
Iowa Genealogical Society Quarterly - "Hawkeye Heritage", Iowa Genealogical Society, 1991-present - incomplete
Iowa Through the Years, Cyrenus Cole, 1940
Iowan - Scott County, Iowa, Scott Co, Iowa, Gene Soc, 6/1/2002


Alumni Directory, School of Journalism, The U of Kansas, 1974
Four States Genealogist (see Arkansas)
Gold Medal Club - Directory of Members, U of Kansas, 1978
History of Lecompton - Former Capital of Kansas, Lecompton High School, 1940
The Johnson County, Kansas, Genealogist, The Johnson Co Gene Soc, 1972
Kansas History, Kansas State Historical Society, 1980
Kansas Kin, The Riley County, Kansas, Genealogical Soc, 1969-1976
KU Class of 1948, U of Kansas, 1973
Midwest Genealogical Register, Midwest Genealogy Society, 1966-1972
Mirror, The Kansas State Historical Society, 1978-1981
Relatively Seeking, Cherokee County Gene Soc of SE KN, 1991
The Sunflower, Reno County Genealogical Society, 1991-1992
The Treesearcher, Kansas Genealogical Society, 1970-1972


Ancestrial News, Ancestrial Trails His Soc, 2001-2002 - incomplete
Annual Reports - Kentucky Historical Society, 1995-1997
Blue Grass Roots, Kentucky Gene Soc, Summer 2001
The Bulletin of the Kentucky Historical Society, Kentucky Historical Society, 1995-1997
The Filson Club History Quarterly, The Filson Club, 1949-2001 - incomplete
Kentucky Ancestors, Kentucky Historical Society, 1997
The Kentucky Genealogist, James R. Bentley, 1982
Two Hundred Years at the Falls of the Ohio - A History of Louisville and Jefferson County, George H. Yater, 1979


Acadian Genealogy Exchange, Janet B. Jehn, 1997-1999
Genealogical Materials in the New Orleans Public Lib, Collin B. Hamer, Jr., 1975
The Louisiana Genealogical Register, Louisiana Gene and His Soc, 1970-1971


Downeast Ancestry, Mary H. Dormer, 1980
Maine Fact Sheet, Ancestry
Maine Genealogical Inquirer, Michael Denis, 1973


Historic Frederick, Colonel John R. Holt, 1949
Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, Maryland Genealogical Society, 1983-1987 - incomplete
Newsletter of the Maryland Gene Soc, Maryland Genealogical Society, 1982-1987 - incomplete
Old Somersett, Roy C. Pollitt, 1985


Berkshire Genealogist, Berkshire Family History Ass'n, 1998-2000
Boston Transcript - Clippings/Qs and Replies, Boston Transcript, 1930


"Family Trails", Michigan Department of Education, 1972-1978 - incomplete
Family Tree Talk, Muskegon County Gene Soc, 1999-continuing
The Kalamazoo Valley Heritage & Fam. Newsletter, Kalamazoo Valley Genealogical Society, 1999-2002
Michigan Heritage, Dr. Ethel W. Williams, 1967-1970 - incomplete
Van Buren Echos, Van Buren Regional Gene Soc, May, 2002


Mississippi Genealogical Exchange, Richard S. Lackey, 1972
Mississippi Genealogy and Local History, Norman E. Gillis, 1969-1969
Pittman's European Settlements on the Mississippi, Captain Phillip Pittman, 1906


Four States Genealogist (see Arkansas)
The Kansas City Genealogist, Heart of America Gene Soc, 1976-1978
Newton County Roots, Genealogy Friends of the Library - Neosho, Missouri, 1991
Ozar'kin, Ozarks Genealogical Society, Spring 1991 - Winter 2001
Pioneer Times, Mid-Missouri Gene Soc, 1977
Pioneer Wagon, Jackson County Gene Soc, 2002, Vol. XVIII No. 3
Platte County Historical & Gene Soc Bulletin, Platt County Gene Soc, 1981-continuing
The Prairie Gleaner, West Central Missouri Gene Soc and Library, 1977-1978
St. Louis Gene Soc Quarterly, St. Louis Gene Soc, 1975-2000 - incomplete
St. Louis Public Library - Gene Mat'l and Local History, Georgia Gambrill, 1953


The Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record, The Nebraska Genealogical Society, 1932-1933
Prairie Pioneer Gene Soc Newsletter, Grand Island, Nebraska - Prairie Pioneer Gene Soc, 1988-2000


Ancestral Notes from Chedwato, Charles D. and Edna W. Townsend, 1954-1964 - incomplete
The Catalogue of the Circulating Collection of the, The New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1978
Education Bulletin - New Eng Gene Soc - Vol. 1,2,3, The New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1996 - incomplete
Great Migration Newsletter, The New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1990-1998 - incomplete
New England Ancestors, The New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2000-2002 - incomplete
The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, The New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1937-2002 - incomplete
The New England Quarterly, The New England Quarterly, 1982-1984
"The Nexus" - Bimonthly Newsletter of New Eng His Gene Soc, The New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1986-1999
Topographical Dictionary of 2,885 English Emigrants to New England, Charles Edward Banks, 1992


Kinship Kronicle, The Rockingham Co Chapter, New Hamp Soc of Gene, 1984
New Hampshire Society of Genealogists Newsletter, New Hampshire Society of Genealogists, 1983


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