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Welcome to the Mound Builders Discussion List.

      The term “Mound Builder” is a general term referring to the Native North American peoples who constructed various styles of earthen mounds for burial, residential, and ceremonial purposes.  Mounds were built in a large area from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico and from the Mississippi River to the Appalachian Mountains.  The greatest concentrations of mounds are found in the Mississippi and Ohio valleys. 

     This list is meant to be a discussion area for anyone who has an interest in the sharing and discussion of information pertaining to these ancient peoples, known as Mound Builders.

      My name is Karima, and I'm the administrator of this list. I'm responsible for keeping it running as smoothly as possible and setting some rules and guidelines. 

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     This list is for the discussion of the Native North American peoples known as Mound Builders.

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