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Robert Ridenour
Last Update:
9 March 2017

Dues Are Now Overdue

At the August 2016 MCGS Board meeting, it was noted that the current dues structure was failing to keep pace with the expenses. It was then decided to increase the annual dues.

Individual/Family/Institutional dues will henceforth be $25 per year, Patron dues will be $35 per year, and The Life Member dues will be $300.

The last dues increase occurred in 2002.


Unless Otherwise Stated, All Meetings are at 7:00 p.m.,  in the Community Room of the Edwardsville Public Library, 112 South Kansas, Edwardsville, IL.  Visitors Are Always Welcome.

March 9, 2017

Harriet Tubman
The History Chix

The History Chix will be giving a presentation about the inspiring life of Harriet Tubman.  She was just not a part of the Underground Railroad, but also a spy and a nurse during the Civil War, and so much more!

The History Chix is a group of three ladies who have a love of history and give lectures whenever asked:

Nancy Alexander has lived in Alton all her life. She and her husband, Les, have been married 46 years and have five children, two of whom are teachers. They have been blessed with eight beautiful grandchildren. She is a certified lay minister. She has been a member of the Alton Museum and served on their board for over four years. Nancy volunteers at the Alton Convention and Visitor Bureau as a local historian; she also volunteers at the College for Life Program at LCCC in Godfrey. In her free time, she hoards history books, loves to do research and crochet.

Cathy Bagby was born in Hannibal, Missouri, in 1958 but grew up in St. Louis. She graduated from Riverview High School in 1976 and worked at Christian Hospital Northeast for 33 years, retiring in 2010. Since 1983, she has lived in Alton. Her husband is Brian Bagby; and they have two grown sons, Ian and Patrick. She has volunteered for a hospice organization for three years and at the Alton Museum of History and Art for eight years.  She stepped down from the museum in 2015. All of her life she has been a 'History Addict.' She now spends her time doing research and being a part of the History Chix.

Mary Westerhold is the Archival Research Manager at the Madison County Historical Society Archival Library. She has been involved in family history research for over 30 years. Researching the stories behind the stones in the cemeteries is a passion that consumes much of her spare time. She is also now the newest member of the History Chix.

April 12, 2017

The 1763 Massacre of the Conestoga
Sharon Kilzer

An Indian war erupting on the Pennsylvania frontier in 1763 caused the forming of a vigilante group to respond to the fear and the hatred of American Indians. This vigilante group was called "The Paxton Boys" and was comprised of Presbyterian frontiersmen of Scot-Irish descent.

The Conestoga were peace-loving Indians who were caught in the middle of fear, greed, and culture differences. The fear was largely brought about by the events that defined the French and Indian War and further exaggerated Pontiac's Rebellion.

Sharon Kilzer is a retired Computer Operator from Graybar Electric in St. Louis, Missouri, who is actively involved in Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church in Collinsville, Illinois.

She has been the Secretary for the Troy Genealogy Society for the past five years and an active member of the D.A.R. Silver Creek Chapter in Highland, Illinois, since June 2015. She has submitted an application to the U. S. Daughters of 1812 and is awaiting acceptance.

Sharon has given her program "The 1763 Massacre of the Conestoga" to the Troy Genealogy Society in September 2016, and will be presenting it to the D.A.R. Silver Creek Chapter in March 2017.

P.O. Box 376, Greenville, Illinois 62246

For release January-February 2017
Contact: Nadine Baldwin (618) 567-1948

Quilt Show to feature Antique Quilt Bed Turning


On Saturday, March 18, 2017, Bond County Historical Society will be hosting their 15th annual quilt show and 3rd annual bed turning program at the Greenville Free Methodist Church, 1367 Route 140, Greenville, Illinois. The quilt show will be open to the public from 9:00am until the viewers' choice prizes are awarded at 4:00pm. Bed turning demonstrations are scheduled for 10:00am and 2:00pm.

Every quilt has a story, so join BCHS as we present the old fashioned social event of a "bed turning" at 10am and again at 2pm. A stack of quilts are removed one by one from a bed frame as stories are told about the making of each. The antique quilts to be turned will be provided by community members and the Hoiles-Davis Museum. As in the old days when the quilter would invite guests in to show off her quilts we, too, will present the family stories and meanings of the handiwork stitched into these specially chosen quilts! For those of you who have not seen a bed turning, you will be in for a treat.

Approximately 100 quilts are expected to be on display at the quilt show. You are welcome and encouraged to bring your quilt(s) and share them with us. Please mail your pre-registration entry form before March 4th. Find rules and forms at the BCHS website,, and HSHS Holy Family Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store in Greenville. Quilts will be accepted at the church on Friday, March 17th from 12:00pm noon until 6:00pm.

Quilt block contest winners utilizing the theme "County Fair" will also be on display. Several quilt/handicraft vendors will also be set-up at the show, some of whom may provide demonstrations.

Tickets are available for the quilt raffle in conjunction with the quilt show. The four-square log cabin quilt is hand pieced in silver and ruby hued satin fabrics. The quilt was created by Shirley Pustelnik of the local Black Diamond Quilt Guild. Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5 and can be purchased at the show or at Capri IGA in Greenville (ticket selling date TBA). The quilt may be seen in the window of the Bond County Treasurer's office or on Bond County Historical Society's website. A winner will be drawn at the conclusion of the quilt show.

Admission to the quilt show is $3.00. For more information contact Nadine Baldwin, quilt show chairwoman, at (618) 567-1948.

P.O. Box 376, Greenville, Illinois 62246

No Programs Scheduled for the Following Dates

May 11, 2017

June 8, 2017

August 10, 2017

September 14, 2017

October 12, 2017

November 9, 2017

If you have something you would like to see presented or you would like to make a presentation, please contact the president, and we will try to accommodate your wishes.


MCGS Facebook Page

The Madison County Genealogical Society has a Facebook page.

The address is: Madison County Genealogical Society of Illinois

Publication Sale!!!

The cost of the 1880 Federal Census has been reduced to $35, as long as the current supply lasts.


We have a NEW Mystery Photo. Check it out.



Stalker Needs Articles

The Stalker is in dire need of articles. We need input from all members.

Send your contributions to Scott Delicate at


Madison County Pioneer Certificate.

If you are a direct descendant of an early (prior to 1880) resident of Madison County and can supply documented proof, you can obtain a certificate stating that fact. You would also be eligible if your ancestor was living before 1812 in the area that became Madison County. (When Madison County was originally formed, it reached to the Canadian border).

The fee for each certificate application is $20.00. One certificate is included in the fee and will be mailed after eligibility has been determined. Application fees are not refundable.

Brothers, sisters, children, or grandchildren of the applicant who wish to apply at the same time as the original applicant also need to fill out an application. Their documentation need only show direct relationship to the original applicant. These additional applications include one designated certificate each. The fee for additional certificates is $10.00 each.

If you are interested in applying for a Madison County Pioneer Certificate, click here. for an application and instructions.



A New Cemetery Web Site

Have you heard? You can now view over 55,000 photos of tombstones from 78 cemeteries in Madison, Macoupin, Jersey, and Greene counties free online! Also included are photos of the Smallpox Island Confederate POW Memorial in West Alton, Missouri, and of cemeteries in Leelanau County, Michigan. For more information, click here.

Archaic Medical Terms

If you are having trouble determining what your relative died from, you might want to consult to see if a definition of the medical terminology is given.

[From the Texas Research Rambler Genealogical Group]

Mystery Photos

We have been asked about some place to post unknown photographs where they can be viewed by others and perhaps the subject(s) can be identified. We have added a "Mystery Photographs" link to the MCGS home page. If you can identify any subject in any photograph, please send an e-mail to the address given with that photograph.

If you have any photographs you would like to have added to the "Mystery Photographs" pages, please send them to me at



Digital Scrapbooking

On October 11, 2012, Lola DeGroff presented a program on Creating a Digital Scrapbook.

Lola had a handout that leads you through the steps of creating a scrapbook page and exporting it as a JPEG. It then leads the user through the steps of uploading the pages and having the scrapbook printed. If you would like a copy of this handout, it can be downloaded or printed here.




Judy Nelson

155 N. Main Street
(618) 296-4470

For additional information contact Judy Nelson 618-296-4932

For Immediate Release


EDWARDSVILLE, July 23, 2012 -Madison County Circuit Clerk Judy Nelson announced the Circuit Clerk's Office has undertaken an extensive initiative to preserve thousands of historic court records through digital imaging.

"Creating digital images of historic records ensures they will be available for research and safe against loss or disaster," Nelson said. "But equally important is that once the digital images are created, they are being published online and available to the public. The records are valuable to historians and genealogists, as well as people just curious about family history."

To read the entire article, click here.



Troy Times-Tribune Looking for Information

On Thursday, May 31, 2012, the Troy Times-Tribune ran an article under the title of Down Memory Lane. This article included a photograph of The Blackjack Band. Only four out nine members of the band were identified. If you know anyone who ever played in The Blackjack Band, perhaps you can help identify the "unknowns." Click here to see the article.



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Dues for 2017 are now being accepted. We would very much appreciate receiving your renewal checks ASAP. Delinquent members (unpaid on 31 January 2017) will receive no more Society publications until their dues are paid.




Do you have a family member that is interested in (or even obsessed with) genealogy? A membership in the Madison County Genealogical Society would be a very thoughtful gift. A gift card will be sent to the recipient of any gift membership.

The following memberships are available:
Individual/Family Annual Membership $25.00
Patron Annual Membership $35.00
Life Membership $350.00

Contact our Secretary, Petie Hunter, at, about a gift membership.



Now Available and Taking Orders

The Ten Year Stalker Index, 1991-2000, is complete; and we are taking orders for either a printed copy, 330 pages, for $45 or a copy on CD for $15. The CD copy is searchable using Adobe Reader.

A new Ten Year Stalker Index, 2001-2010, is complete; and we are taking orders for either a printed copy, 304 pages, for $35 or a copy on CD for $15. The CD copy is searchable using Adobe Reader.

To place an order contact Petie Hunter, at



Visitors are always welcome. 



Goals of the Society

To encourage and educate persons in the study of family history and research methods.
To preserve genealogical and historical record.
To inform people of the importance of collecting, preserving, and circulating genealogical literature.
To promote research, publish, and circulate genealogical records and information

To further these goals, the Society maintains a genealogical library room in the Edwardsville Public Library, holds workshops, invites guest speakers on topics relevant to genealogical research, and publishes genealogical records.




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