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The Ainad Shriners will be celebrating its 100th anniversary throughout Southern Illinois during 2012. The anniversary year will be full of events that the public will be encouraged to participate in. This organization was originally created with 105 members. Through affiliations and applications; by December 1913, membership had increased to 259. The Shriners met at the Scottish Rite Temple in East Saint Louis, Illinois, from 1912 until 1923. The existing temple was erected in 1923 and stands at 609 St. Louis Avenue and remains the largest auditorium in the city.

Over the past 99 years, Shriners have been seen throughout Southern Illinois in parades, festivals, paper crusades, and ceremonials. Ainad Shriners are all Free Masons and reside in virtually every community of Southern Illinois. Shriners are generally active in most every type of business, profession, and field of endeavor. Shriners are often leaders in their respective fields and in the various churches, civic organizations, and service clubs of their community.

A committee has been appointed for this very special anniversary celebration. This committee is looking for anyone whose father, grandfather, uncle, relative, or friend was a Shriner. Perhaps you have a photograph of a family member or friend wearing the familiar red fez or a photograph of a special Shriner activity. Any photo, lapel pin, postcard, book of rodeo or Shrine circus will help our committee build a historical legacy for the Ainad Shriners 100th anniversary. The committee is also very interested in human interest stories concerning a Shrine event or Shriners Hospital for Children related story; so tell us your story. All mementos are welcome!

Anyone having items for display or a story to share may contact Mark Maxwell, Ainad Administrator, at 618-874-1870; Kurt Grosse, 100th Anniversary Chairman, at 618-939-7304; or John Blondell, Historian, at 618-406-0214. They can contact us with email at or visit our website at for history guidelines.

However, in celebrating our 100th anniversary we need your help. We are creating a history of Ainad Temple and looking for descendants of the following Past Potentates (Chief Executive Officers).

 Thomas L. Fekete (1912/1913)

 Frederick C. Gillham (1914)

 Thomas E. Gillespie (1915)

 Albert L. Keechler (1916)

A.I. Cummings (1917) 
 Charles Spilman (1918)

J. Burt Wilson (1919)

 Thomas L. Fekete, Jr. (1920)

 William P. Wall (*1921)

 Charles H. Quackenbush (*1922)

 George B. Powell (*1923)

 Wallace C. Watkins (1924)

 William R. Brown (1925)

 Mark L. Harris (1926)

 Stephen P. Knowles (1927)

 Louis Chackes (1928)

 Charles A. McCormick (1929)

 W. James Miller (*1930)

 J. Clark Waddell (1931)

 Martin F. Oehmke (1932)

 Rudolph R. Placek (1933)

 August M. Eggman (1934)

 Arthur P. O'Leary (1935)

 Elmer J. Cramer (1936)

 George B. Moore (1937)

 Harold G. Baker (1938)

 Arthur Eidman (1939)

 Frank B. Young (1940)

 W. Frank Watson (1941)

 Harry J. Bowman (1942)

  Noel Spannagel (1943)

 Arthur F. Holroyd (1944)

 Jack H. Mundinger (1945)

 James E. Gram (1946)

 A. Edward Reimann (1947)

 Benjamin O. Cooper (1948)

 J.C. Nichols, Jr. (1949)

 J. Wm. Harrington (1950)

 Walter H. Bader (1951)

 Robert E. Miller (1952)

 Fred J. Buck (1953)

 A. Marshall Ward (1954)

 G. Ray Holroyd (1955)

 O.M. McCann (1956)

 Lester M. Harris (1957)

 Ralph F. Lesemann (1958)

 William H. Walker (1958)

 Leonard Shearburn (1959)

 Forest T. Creason (1960)

 David F. Mallett (1961)

  Lawrence E. Snyder (1962)

 Lloyd E. Turnbull (1963)

 Wyatt Rawlings (1964)

 Francis D. Conner (1965)

 Morris E. McLean (1966)

 Roy L. Wilimzig (1967)

 Harold R. Mannle, Sr. (1968)

 Harry I. Bise (1969)

 Edward G. Maag (1970)

 Charles H. Wagner (1971)

 Harold G. Baker (1972)

 James E. Carter (1973)

 Charles Chenoweth (1974)

 William R. Popkess (1975)

 Bob Hardy (1976)

 Ralph Green (1977)

 C. A. Jack Dempsey (1978)

  R. H. Dick Ervay (1979)

 Ray L. Tibbs (1980)
 Donald G. Adams (1981)

 Mark W. Moreton (1982)

  Bill D. Parker (1983)

 Gene T. Morris (1984)

 Joseph W. Barnes, Jr. (1985)

 Thomas J. Barschak (1986)

 Randy Burton (1987)

 Irvin C. Slate, Jr. (1988)

 Orville E. Hommert (1989)

 Wm. H. Bill Piper (1990)

 H. E. Gene Tracy (1991)

 Kelly J. Hogan (1992)

 David L. McCann (1993)

 Hallie F. Lewis (1994)

 Ron Williams (1995)

 Kurt R. Grosse (1996)

 M. Charles Alves (1997)

 Kenneth R. Snyder (1998)

 Jack P. Taylor (1999)

 I. Leon Bowen (2000)

 L. Ray Radliff (2001)

 Louis Holcman, Jr. (2002)

 Howard H. Hudzik (2003)

 Kenneth A. Lake (2004)

 Tom Schrag (2005)

 Doyle Clubb (2006)

 Harold "Ed" Scott (2007)

 Ted Mitchell (2008)

 Steven F. Kibler (2009)

 Ray Rohr (2010)

 Note (*): We are missing pictures from Past Potentates who served in the years of 1921, 1922, and 1930

Present potentate is Larry Carril.