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  1. Military discharge papers
  2. Soldier naturalizations
  3. Bounty applications, records, & correspondence
  4. Bounty & homestead lands
  5. Almshouse & asylum records
  6. Powers of attorney
  7. Will & estate records
  8. Veteran burials & rolls of honor
  9. Guardianship & apprentice records


  1. County courthouses
  2. State archives
  3. Genealogical & historical societies
  4. Libraries (indexes, transcriptions, and abstracts in books or genealogical periodicals)


  1. Patriotic & fraternal organizations
  2. County histories
  3. Letters, diaries, & oral histories
  4. Photographs, artworks, & cartoons
  5. Newspapers
  6. Plat books & county atlases
  7. Society publications (PERSI)
  8. Burial & cemetery records
  9. Rolls of honor/veteran records


  1. Cyndi's List-Libraries, Archives, & Museums List
  2. PublicLibraries.com
  3. Librarians Serving Genealogists-Genealogy Libraries on the WWW
  4. LibWeb-Library Servers Via the WWW
  5. MERLIN Catalog (Missouri universities)
  6. Find-It Illinois (Illinois statewide library catalog)
  7. Worldcat.org (union catalog of 10,000+ libraries worldwide)


  1. adjutant and general's
  2. burials and Missouri
  3. casualties and war
  4. cemetery and war
  5. Civil and War and soldiers
  6. compiled and service
  7. Confederate and soldiers
  8. militia and war
  9. muster and soldiers
  10. officers and registers
  11. pensioners and war
  12. pensions and war
  13. prisoners and war
  14. regiment and Missouri
  15. regimental and Missouri
  16. registers and soldiers
  17. Revolutionary and soldiers
  18. roll and honor
  19. rosters and soldiers
  20. soldiers and genealogy
  21. soldiers and Missouri
  22. veterans and Missouri
  23. volunteer and Missouri


A. Books

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B. Websites

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