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Madison County Genealogical Society

Minutes of the Meeting - August 14, 2008


President, Robert Ridenour, called the meeting to order.


Treasurer LaVerne Bloemker presented the financial report for the period ending July 31, 2008.

Librarian/Researcher Elsie Wasser reported that we had received four books for the library:

A printed copy of the Family Genealogies of the Hood, Williams, Nelson and Johnson Families regarding his final work on his free black ancestors of Madison County, IL with a CD which contains more information (which should be on the library computer now in the Genealogy Room).

State Census Records by Ann S. Lainhart. A very interesting book which points out that many States have no State Census records, some are very hard to locate. As I was very interested in reading about Illinois State Census since I have published three of them, I found that she states that the Illinois 1810 State Census (by Margaret Cross Norton) shows only Randolph County but if you read the actual names you find Governor Ninian Edwards and B. Stephenson (whose Edwardsville residence has been restored) are listed. This means that some others of the now Madison County were included in this early census also, but since Madison County was not declared a County until 1812, it is not mentioned. Something to remember if you are doing very early research in Madison County. Also the State Census Records book is enlightening in that there are many states that have never had a State Census done at any time and many that were taken were only statistical and did not include names of persons.

War of 1812 Soldiers Buried in the State of Illinois, donated by the Illinois Society of the National Society of the U.S.Daughters of 1812, indexed by surname with much information on most soldiers: date of birth, date of death, wife's name when known, 1812 County with pension number, if known, and name and location of cemetery.

History of Macon Co., IL - Bicentennial History, indexed with maps and photos. Unknown donor, but thanks for it. The volume is indexed and has copies of original signatures of persons from Macon County. You might find your relative's original signature.

Seventeen guests were present at this meeting, many due to their interest in our speaker's excellent program.

Gerald Perschbacher presented a program titled Researching Your Roots in Germany.

He described the reasons for the settlement of the region by the people of German heritage. Also covered were clues you could get from the spelling of your ancestor's name as to where you might search for their records in the village/town from which they emigrated.

Mr. Perschbacher gave advice on making contact with people in Germany to ask for assistance with your research, and the best way to request help and not appear to be an "Ugly American."

Following his presentation, he entertained questions from the audience. This presentation was extremely well done and very enlightening.