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SW 1/4 of SW 1/4 of Sec. 12, T17N, R11W
Cass County, Illinois


Thanks to Jeanie Lowe & Betty Albert for the pictures included here.

This is one of those cemeteries that only the hardy and avid researcher seeks out - particularly during the summer months. It is better visited during the winter when the insects, grass and weeds aren't so daunting. It is situated in a beautiful, peaceful location - perhaps someone will cut down the weeds and grass sometime in the future, bringing back the beauty and dignity this forgotten cemetery once enjoyed. It was impossible to locate many of the smaller stones in this cemetery as a result of the high weeds and grass.

Mr. Arthur Crumrin's "Old Cemeteries of Cass County, Illinois" (this book is available for purchase from the Cass County Historical Society - a bargain and wonderful resource for those researchers seeking old Cass County Burials) - was used to add some of the burials Jeanie & Betty didn't find in the tall grass and weeds.

If a name below appears in red, click on the name to bring up a photo of that individual's tombstone.

NAME BORN DIED AGE Additional Inscription/Info.
BUXTON, Margery M. 27 Apr 1869 31y11m27d Wife of J. R. Buxton
CLEMONS, Diana 27 Oct 1804 29 Dec 1866 Wife of Joseph H. Clemons
HUDSON, W. A. 1838 1915
HUFFMAN, Alexander 19 Feb 1800 15 Jan 1872 71y10m26d
HUFFMAN, Charles 1857 1926
HUFFMAN, Emma E. 23 Jan 1862 4y3m10d Dau of E.S. & E. Huffman
HUFFMAN, Isaiah E. 1826 1901
HUFFMAN, Joseph A. 20 Nov 1862 29y2m29d
HUFFMAN, Laura M. 10 Sep 1865 11m12d Dau of I.E. & S.F. Huffman
HUFFMAN, Lena Ruth 10 Jan 1903 3y4m22d Dau of A. & M.E. Huffman
HUFFMAN, Lydia A. 28 Oct 1858 1y12d Dau of Joseph A. & Rachel M. Huffman
HUFFMAN, Mildred 17 Sep 1797 28 Feb 1880 82y5m11d Wife of A. Huffman
HUFFMAN, Roscoe 1887 1909
HUFFMAN, Sarah F. 1840 1904 Wife of Isaiah Huffman
HUFFMAN, William C. 18 Aug 1839 6y5m14d Son of A. & M. Huffman
HULL, Henry 1824 1910
HULL, Lyda Ann 4 Feb 1830 30 Apr 1860
HUTSON, Belinda 9 May 1853 49y8m20d Wife of Peter Hutson
HUTSON, Peter 1 Jun 1881 80y5m
MCCLURE, I. P. Co. D, 114th Ill. Inf.
MCKEAN, Andrew J. 1 May 1838 31 Dec 1875 37y8m
MCKEAN, Frances 5 Dec 1839 24y Wife of Henry McKean
MCKEAN, John 17 Jun 1766 13 Sep 1843 77y
MCKEAN, Nancy 5 May 1860 44y1m19d
MCKEAN, Nancy 22 Jun 1810 19 Feb 1832 Wife of Henry McKean
MCKEAN, Nancy J. 19 Jan 1850 12y10m12d Dau of Henry & Frances McKean
MCKEAN, R. M. 1848 1915
MILLER, Sarah 15 Feb 1880 69y7m4d Wife of W. C. Miller
MILLER, William C. 29 Dec 1881 76y17d
PECK, Berton E. 1862 1949
PECK, Edwin T. 1864
PECK, Elmer C. 1895 Their Son
PECK, Howard H. 1900 Their Son
PECK, Joseph E. 1897 Their Son
PECK, Lena L. 1868 1932
PECK, Lydia Huffman 1871 1903 His Wife
PECK, Lyman A. 1893 Their Son
RICHARDSON, Margaret E. 9 Feb 1852 22y Wife of J. P. Richardson

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