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Boirum Cemetery
Sweetin Cemetery

Greene County, IL

Also known as Sweetin Cemetery, this cemetery is on top of a high bluff and in a timber. It is directly east of the east-west road that goes down into the Illinois River bottoms of Walkerville Township. The cemetery is midway between the Illinois River and Walkerville. the cemetery is about an acre in area, and contains many graves that are marked only with rocks. Some of the tombstones are so weathered that the reading of dates involves guesswork.

Another note from Florence: Different ways of spelling the same name, or interpretation of tombstones by readers, cause variations that are hard to prove one way or another, unless a relative has the exact information.)

Location: Section 21 (east of the center), Township 11 North, Range 13 West, 3PM

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Information
BYRON, Sarah J. 16 Dec 1863 1y1m16d Dau of S. & P. Byron
BYRON, Steward 30 Jun 1862 22y14d
BOIRUM, Alexander S. 2 Dec 1792 15 Dec 1846 54y13d
BOIRUM, Ben J. 1863
BOIRUM, Benjamin 28 Jan 1866 12y11m
BOIRUM, John H. 3 Feb 1863 8y3m29d Son of B.J. & M.J. Boirum
BOIRUM, Maria J. 1825 1885 Wife of B. Boirum
BOIRUM, Polly 30 Aug 1801 10 Mar 1845 44y5m20d Wife of Alexander Boirum
BOIRUM, Sarah Caroline 4 Nov 1852 17 Nov 1857 5y13d Dau of B.J. & M.J. Boirum (Age maybe 15 yr)
FIELDS, John W. 4 Aug 1863 1y2m24d Son of H.L. & S. Fields
FORD, John F. 10 Mar 1853 48y1m3d
FORD, Mary 10 Jun 1863 Wife of John Ford
FORD, Thomas Co. G, 59th Ill. Inf.
MCCLENNING, William F. 1872 Co. G, 59th Ill. Inf.

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