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Houdashelt - Rough Edge - Goedde Cemetery

Woodville Township - Greene County, Illinois

Notes from the listing: "In 1932 this cemetery contained approximately 25 tombstones, but in 1975 only two stones, those of David Kimbell and Moses Davidson, are to be found there. The other graves listed here were still marked in 1968. Since that date the cemetery has been damaged by bulldozing except for Mr. Goedde's grave which is inside a small iron fence, with no tombstone visible. The name "Goedde" is now spelled "Goeddey" by living family members. The name "Houdashelt" is now spelled "Howdashell" by current descendants around Eldred.

Location: About 2 miles north, section 14, is Witaschek Mount, the highest point in Greene County. It is in Woodville Township.

Location: Section 22 (southwest quarter), Township 9 North, Range 13 West, 3PM.

Addition notes: "It is on top of another mound, not Witaschek. John King says "the cemetery is near Spankey, up in the hills, some 7 or 8 miles south of Eldred, and perhaps 12 - 15 miles southwest of Carrollton. See page 24, 1873 Atlas Map of Greene County, Illinois. It was once locted on the late Henry Goedde farm, whose grandchildren live in Carrollton. It is now the property of Mr. Isringhousen." John King says "these names originally collected by Mrs. Peter Schneider of Carrollton several years back, and loaned to Mrs. Eileen Cunningham."

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Information
DAVIDSON, Illegible 1865
DODSON, Joisy ? 3 Jun 1860 20y2m10d Son of Elish Dodson
GOEDDE, Henry 24 Jul 1825 9 May 1873
HOUDASHELT, Charles 1874 Inf Son of H. & L.J. Houdashelt
HOUDASHELT, James 20 Feb 1865 Son of H. & L.J. Houdashelt
HOUDASHELT, Oliver 9 Dec 1871 Inf Son of H. & L.J. Houdashelt
KIMBALL, David 1810 10 Aug 1852 42y

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