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Jackson Cemetery

NE 1/4 Section 23, Twp 12 N, Range 10 W, 3 PM
Athensville Township - Greene County, Illinois




This cemetery is located in Athensville Township. It is two miles east of the intersection of U.S. Highway 67 and the Roodhouse-Scottville road, and is, if you are really looking, in view to the south of the road. Jackson Cemetery is exactly one mile east of Sheppard Cemetery. Jackson Cemetery sits atop a small hilltop and is on the west side of a small pond. A stream flows on the west side of the cemetery. Several huge trees are in the area, including two inside the fence. In summer, the tombstones are concealed by high weeds and many briars. The cemetery derives its name from that of a former owner of the land, David Jackson, who is buried in nearby Scottville West (Slabtown) Cemetery. At one time there were about 45 stones on this site although during our visit during the week of October 17th we were unable to find any additional burials. Perhaps if the cemetery were burned off in the spring it might be possible, with a probe, to find additional cemetery markers.

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Information
BARNARD, Elisha 1842 Known buried here - B @ Sumner Co. TN
JAGER, Albert 24 Feb 1886 64y (No stone found)
MITCHELL, Anderson 13 Sep 1811 1 Oct 1865
MITCHELL, Elzira W. 12 Jan 1819 4 Apr 1908 (Same stone as Anderson Mitchell)
MITCHELL, Fielding 2 Jul 1815 23 Jul 1855
MITCHELL, Hannah 20 Oct 1855 19y5d Dau of Fielding & Nancy W. Mitchell
MITCHELL, Infant 10 Oct 1855 Dau of Fielding & Nancy W. Mitchell
MITCHELL, Infant 4 Dec 1846 Son of Fielding & Nancy W. Mitchell
MITCHELL, Joshua 9 Aug 1839 50y4m6d
MITCHELL, Nancy W. 9 Dec 1815 18 Apr 1907 Wife of Fielding Mitchell
MITCHELL, Rosean 22 Jul 1853 4 Oct 1854 Dau of Fielding & Nancy W. Mitchell
RUYLE, Anthony B. 17 Mar 1856 Son of John & Elizabeth Ruyle
RUYLE, Elizabeth 17 Mar 1856 38y10m5d Wife of John Ruyle
TUNNELL, Anna E. 6 Mar 1823 22 Sep 1890 Wife of Perry Tunnell
TUNNELL, Charles W. 10 Oct 1847 18 Aug 1850 Son of Perry & Anna E. Tunnell
TUNNELL, Mary A. 22 Jan 1842 7 Sep 1898 Dau of Perry & Anna E. Tunnell
TUNNELL, Perry 21 Feb 1821 24 Oct 1847
WHITLOCK, Charles 12 Sep 1846 53y5m7d

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