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Reeve Cemetery
Mayberry II

Greene County, Illinois



Gazette-Patriot, Carrollton, Ill., Thursday, August 28, 2003, from an article about the "Greene County Days" activities: This is a small cemetery located just east of the Athensville community, next to the road on the north side atop a small hill. The land was donated by the Reeve family, with the first recorded burial in 1834. Therre are 16 headstones, some of them are very attractive. The cemetery, which is maintained by Terry Cummins, includes such surnames as Drum, Maberry, Norris, Reeve and Rimbey."

This rural cemetery is one mile east of Athensville, adjacent to a road. It is easily seen from the road which passes on the south side of the cemetery. it is located in Section 26, Township 12 North, Range 10 West, 3PM.

Top 2 pictures submited by: Kellie Robinson, Middle picture submitted by: Richard Sansonand the bottom set of 3 pictures were provided by: Allen Handling & Jeanette.

The Reeve portion of this reading was updated by Kellie Robinson during the summer of 2003. She adds this following information/description about the cemetery: "This cemetery is located at the top of a hill in a small clearing alongside the road and is well kept, although some of the stones are in danger of falling over or are broken. A small black and white wooden sign hangs in the midst of a bed of white irises near the hilltop to mark the cemetery.

One of the men buried here, Joel B. Reeve, was an early emigrant to Illinois, having come from Wilkes, North Carolina, with his father in 1819 (see Isaac Reeve Memorial Cemetery in Morgan County). Joel was the oldest of nine children, and father of eight children with his wife, Mary Arnett, daughter of Thomas Arnett, another early pioneer of the Morgan County area. the Maberry family, comprising over half of the burials in the cemetery, also were very early pioneers in this part of Illinois."

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Info.
DRUM, Elizabeth E. 2 Apr 1870 15y8m3d Dau of Phillip G. & Nancy J. (Reeve) Drum
MAYBERRY, Charles E. 1875 1950 Son of Edward & Laura Mayberry
MAYBERRY, Edward 1847 1929 Son of Wm. G. Mayberry & 1st wife
MAYBERRY, Edward W. Aug 1919 8y Son of Charles & Maggie Mayberry
MAYBERRY, Harley N. 22 Apr 1909 21 Jan 1910 8m29d
MAYBERRY, Harry M. 31 Aug 1884 20 Jun 1885 9m20d Son of E. & L.A. Mayberry
MAYBERRY, Hattie May 1886 1906 Dau of Edward & Laura Mayberry
MAYBERRY, L. Emmeline 1878 1938 61y1m12d
MAYBERRY, Laura A. (Reeve) 1855 1922
MAYBERRY, Maggie Sanson 1881 1970 Wife of Charles E. Mayberry
MAYBERRY, Oliver E. 1879 1960 Son of Edward & Laura Mayberry
MAYBERRY, Percy L. 15 Jan 1911 5 Apr 1921 10y2m21d Son of H.A. & D.L. Mayberry
NORRIS, Marjorie (Mayberry) 1906 1989
NORRIS, Roy S. 1907 1960 Son of Ulysses Norris
REEVE, Caroline 16 Jun 1874 41y16d Wife of I.N. Reeve
REEVE, Elizabeth J. (Mitchell) 6 Sep 1831 22 Apr 1886 54y7m16d "Mother"
REEVE, Francis 25 May 1855 1y3m25d Son of Andrew B. & Rebecca J. (Dennis) Reeve
REEVE, Isaac N. 2 Apr 1877 45y8m?d (Stone broken in 3 pieces)
REEVE, James B. 14 Oct 1827 9 May 1884 56y6m26d "Father"
REEVE, Joel 4 Sep 1865 71y5m2d
REEVE, Joel D. 3 Apr 1862 1y7m28d Son of Andrew B. & Rebecca J. (Dennis) Reeve
REEVE, John T. (1842) 13 Aug 1883 (Stone broken in half)
REEVE, John T. 1878
REEVE, John W.
REEVE, Julia Ann 1 Apr 1861 1y11m18d Dau of I.N. & C. Reeve
REEVE, Mary 26 May 1879 72y5m26d Wife of J. Reeve (Dau of Thomas Arnett)
REEVE, Minnie B. 2 Jul 1875 29 Aug 1875 Dau of Andrew B. & Rebecca J. (Dennis) Reeve
REEVE, Samuel 18 Mar 1875 1 Mar 1877 1y11m14d Son of John T. & Priscilla (Shadowen) Reeve
REEVE, Thomas E. 11 Feb 1874 17y1m27d Son of Joel & Mary (Arnett) Reeve
REEVE, William J. 13 Apr 1869 23y10m29d
REEVE, William T. Apr 1862 11m17d Son of I.N. & C. Reeve
REEVE, William T. 26 Jul 1870 1m29d Son of John T. & Priscilla (Shadowen) Reeve
RIMBEY, Annie B. 5 May 1897 21 Feb 1960 62y9m16d
RIMBEY, Leroy E. 21 Nov 1889 4 Jan 1966

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