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Sheppard Cemetery

Greene County, IL


Thanks to Allen Handling & Jeanette for the above cemetery photos.


Gazette-Patriot, Carrollton, Ill., Thursday, August 28, 2003 from an article about the "Greene County Days" activities: "Land for this small half-acre cemetery was donated by Theopolis Sheppard, who came to Greene County in 1831 from Russell County, Ky. The cemetery was maintained by the late Rance Hopper, and after his death prisoners of the now-closed Illinois Dept. of Corrections boot camp north of White Hall cleaned it twice. Surnames of cemetery occupants include Anderson, Barrow, Brown Caffery, Daniel, England, Gilliam, Sheppard, Sims, Sitton, Spencer, Thompson and Wood."

Located in Greene County, Illinois, this cemetery is near the intersection of the Roodhouse-Scottville road and the smaller road that extends north of Athensville. Legal description is in the extreme southwest corner of Section 14 Township, 12 N, Range 10 W. Perched atop a small rise of ground, the tombstones are easily seen northeast of the road intersection. The road adjacent to the cemetery is a dead end. Three small artificial ponds are to the northwest and south of the burial ground. The families buried here are relatives of those persons buried in Sheppard Cemetery, Morgan County, having the same family names.

There may well be other cemetery markers buried in the dirt, grass and weeds in this cemetery. We photographed all of the stones Earl & I found during our visit to this abandoned cemetery during October 2005.

If a name appears in red, click on the name to bring up a photo of that individual's cemetery marker.

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Information
ANDERSON, Lida A. 22 Jun 1880 5m17d Dau of R.W. & M.E. Anderson
ANDERSON, Martha E. 13 Mar 1880 25y10m6d Wife of R.W. Anderson
ANDERSON, Riley A. 26 Dec 1874 1y6m13d Son of R.W. & M.E. Anderson
BARROW, Ann 10 Jul 1874 Inf Dau of J. & V.A. Barrow
BARROW, James 16 Aug 1881 26 Aug 1881 10d Son of J. & V. Barrow
BARROW, James 1823 1903
BARROW, Jesse T. 30 Jan 1863 70y23d
BARROW, John H. 1 May 1856 Inf Son of Aaron W. & S.A. Barrow
BARROW, Lewis E. 19 Aug 1873 1y18d Son of James & Virginia A. Barrow
BARROW, Virginia Ann 1837 1909
BROWN, James W. 3 Jan 1827 30 Jan 1872
BROWN, Mary A. 13 Apr 1837 13 Aug 1871 Wife of J.W. Brown
CAFFERY, Amy E. 21 Dec 1872 9m28d (Stone not found)
CAFFERY, George 5 Jul 1875 23 Jul 1878
CAFFERY, Mattie 9 Mar 1876 24 Aug 1876
DANIEL, Elder Isaac 12 Jun 1872 66y3m6d
GILLIAM, Dora A. 22 Feb 1882 2y7m16d Dau of A.M. & M.N. Gilliam (Stone not found)
SHEPPARD, 3 Infants Children of Wright Sheppard (No stones found)
SHEPPARD, Almedia 24 Aug 1872 31y8m10d Wife of Wm. F. Sheppard
SHEPPARD, Applegate (No stone found)
SHEPPARD, Elizabeth J. 7 May 1842 1 May 1913 Wife of Lewis W. Sheppard
SHEPPARD, Lewis Sr. 25 Dec 1771 15 Sep 1858 86y8m20d
SHEPPARD, Lewis Washington 4 Mar 1840 22 Feb 1903
SHEPPARD, Matilda (Spencer) 9 Mar 1872 66y9m27d Wife of Theopolis Sheppard
SHEPPARD, Theopolis 30 Dec 1803 17 Jul 1882
SHEPPARD, William F. 30 Mar 1836 17 Sep 1881
SIMS, Caroline M. 19 Sep 1880 49y10m21d Wife of J.A. Sims
SIMS, Ida May 17 Feb 1878 11y10m3d Dau of J.A. & C.M. Sims
SITTON, John 4 Mar 1815 29 Nov 1882
SITTON, Palmyra 28 Apr 1905 80y2m23d Wife of John Sitton
SPENCER, John M. 17 Dec 1854 38y4m17d
SPENCER, Mary 8 Mar 1852 67y20d Wife of John M. Spencer
SPENCER, Permelia E. 25 Mar 1872 28y7m11d Wife of W.F. Spencer
SPENCER, Samuel 25 Mar 1827 25 Feb 1905 (Son of John & Polly Comer Spencer)
SPENCER, Sarah E. (Hall) 3 Feb 1874 45y10m4d Wife of Samuel Spencer
SPENCER, Viola Ann 10 Feb 1872 8m14d Dau of W.F. & P.E. Spencer
SPENCER, Virginia C. Dau of Samuel & S.E. Spencer
SPENCER, William Edwin 2 Aug 1864 1y21d Son of Wm. F. & P.E. Spencer
SPENCER, William F. 10 Mar 1839 3 Jun 1878 39y2m23d
WOOD, Emily J. 14 Nov 1840 22 Aug 1919 Wife of Martin Wood
WOOD, Everet S. 24 Nov 1863 4 Nov 1864 Son
WOOD, Martin 19 Oct 1833 29 Dec 1864

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