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Vandaveer Cemetery

From the Gazette-Patriot, Carrollton, IL, Thursday, Aug. 8, 2002 - from an article dealing with Greene County Days.

Also known as Big Sandy and Piper cemetery, this burial ground is located in Section 4 of Rubicon Township. It is believed to have been established on land donated by Absolom Fair, who is buried there. The long neglected cemetery has been cleaned up with the assistance of boot camp prisoners, but there could easily be other headstones remaining to be uncovered.

Submitted by: Allen Handling

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Don & Terry Barnard (our Greene county cemetery angels) visited this cemetery during September 2012. This is what Terry had to say: "Don and I searched this entire cemetery and these are all the visible stones. It is badly overgrown with weeds and briars." They took pictures of the stones they were able to locate and have submitted them to be included with the listing below. Their work resulted in the addition of 18 additional burials in this cemetery.

NAME BORN DIED AGE Additional Inscription/Info.
CALHOON, James W. 18 May 1852 29y1m22d
CHANEY, Sarah 23 Jan 1865 Wife of J. Chaney
COLLINS, Andrew H. 16 Jun 1856 19y 2m 12d Son of J.W. & M.R. Collins
COLLINS, Infant Dau of J.W. & M.R. Collins
COLLINS, John W. 7 Jun 1860 59y1m
COLLINS, Martha R. 6 Feb 1851 47y2m6d Wife of J.W. Collins
COLLINS, Mirriam R. 2 Mar 1835 32y11m28d Wife of J.W. Collins
DRAKE, Benjamin 12 Dec 1879 68y2m11d
DRAKE, Elizabeth Wife of Benjamin Drake
DRAKE, Patsey 7 Jul 1864 18y 2m 19d Dau of B. & E. Drake
DRYDEN, Martha 27 Sep 1850 70y5m10d
DRYDEN, William H. 14 Oct 1847 10m24d
DUNIVAN, Harriet I. 22 Feb 1872 51y Wife of Rev. A. M. Dunivan (No stone found)
FAIR, Sarah 4 Jul 1853 65y Wife of A. Fair
FAIR, William W. 4 Jan 1844 25y9m14d Son of A. & S. Fair
FERGUSON, Nancy 26 Dec 1855 49y10m4d Wife of Anderson Ferguson
FOSTER, David 11 Mar 1835 41y18d
MASON, Mary Ann 8 Nov 1843 11 Jun 1847 3y6m3d Dau of A.M. & Elizabeth F. Mason
MILLER, Emily 18 Jan 1836 15y 3m 7d Wife of ?. Miller (No stone found)
PIPER, Israel 5 Sep 1850 39y 9m 8d
PIPER, Martha J. 8 Jun 1833 1y9m23d
PIPER, Mary A. 20 Aug 1844 1y4m
PIPER, Medusa 30 Mar 1876 92y 24d Wife of Thomas Piper (No stone found)
SMITH, Hannah 14 Oct 1853 67y Wife of Wm. Smith
SMITH, Serene E. 16 Jul 1856 9y3d Dau of A.G. & L. Smith
SMITH, William 21 May 1860 82y20d
SWEENEY, Emily Jane 29 Aug 1859 Wife of W.G. Sweeney
SWEENEY, George O. 21 Oct 1856 9m 25d Son of W.G. & E.J. Sweeney
UNKNOWN 3 23 Apr 1867 51y8m2d
VANDAVEER, Esther A. 22 Oct 1856 3y3m21d Dau of E.T. & R. Vandaveer
WALTON, Martha 1811 1895 (No stone found)
WALTON, William 1808 5 Aug 1848 40y (No stone found)
WOOD, Elizabeth 1 Sep 1863 65y Wife of Martin Wood
WOOD, Martin 14 Jun 1861 75y 1m 8d
WOOD, Martin N. 4 Aug 1849 1y5m16d Son of S. & H.B. Wood
YARNELL, Jennie 31 May 1851 2m 23d Dau of I.A. & R.B. Yarnell (No stone found)
YARNELL, Martha A. 9 Sep 1849 10m 28d Dau of I.A. & R.B. Yarnell (No stone found)
YARNELL, Rebecca B. 16 Aug 1852 40y 9m 6d Wife of I.A. Yarnell (No stone found)

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