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Coronor's Hearings
1874 - 1883

DATE: June 27th, 1878
PHYSICAL DESRCIPTION: Male, 5 foot 7 in; lite complexion; grey eyes; lite hair
CORONER: A. Hedrick
INQUEST HELD AT: White Hall, Illinois
NAMES OF JURY: J. S. Vedder; W. Dawdy; J. A. Gould; C. Cattlin; James Smith; G. W. Evins; ______ Davis; James Cochran; J. H. Hill; N. E. Durkins; John Manger; Thomas McCann
WITNESSES: Elx Lakin of White Hall; J.F. Thesley (?) , agent; H. B. Thesley (?), M/D.; H. Hunt , farmer; G. W. Hinzy of Carrollton, laborer
VERDICT: State of Illinois, Greene County in the matter of the inquisition held on the body of Henry Hinzy, do find that he came to his death by being run over by the cars (railroad) in White Hall on the 26th of June 1878
PERSONAL EFFECTS: 4 dollars & 45 cents
REMARKS: Buried by the coroner at White Hall, Illinois; gave the money to his brother because he was _____ (poor??) and to Nat Able to pay his bill in White Hall.

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