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Coronor's Hearings
1874 - 1883

DATE: December 24th, 1876
NAME OF DECEASED: M(r)?. Standefer
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: male; 5 ft 4 in; dark complexion; blue eyes, dark hair
CORONER: A. Hedrick
INQUEST HELD AT: the house of J. W. __________(illegible)
NAMES OF JURY: L. G. King; L. G. King(repeated twice); J. Lovell; D.H. Hargass(Hargiss); H. D. Hutchison; J. _______; ___ Parmer; J. W. _________(residence where inquest was held); G. W. Bandy; R. Hardcastle; W. F. Goodpasture; T. F. Hargass/Hargiss
WITNESSES: T. Hargis of Walnut Grove, farmer; W. Armstrong of Providence Church, farmer; W. Goodpasture of 5 miles NE of Carlinville on Macoupin Co., farmer
VERDICT: State of Illinois in the matter of the inquisition of the body of Mr. G.W. Standefere. We the jury find he came to his death by falling from his horse.
PERSONAL EFFECTS: #2.25 .given to his brother. Gave body to his friends.
(Transcriber remarks: this inquest was very difficult to read. Spelling is just like found in book.)

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