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Coronor's Hearings
1884 - 1919

DATE: Nov. 2, 1883
NAME OF DECEASED: Clarrissa Cunningham
CORONER: W. L. Dawdy by George Thompson, Coroner of Greene County
INQUEST HELD AT: (see remarks)
NAMES OF JURY: W.H. Wells; S.H. Ford; A.J. Steelman; J.J. Wilerson; W.D. Owdam; Wm. H. Patterson; B.F. Ford; John S. Watt; __. R. Nolston; M. McLahmar; Henry Ashlock
WITNESSES: J. G. Webster, M.D….physician of Patterson; G. __. Cunningham…farmer of Patterson; Sallie Cunningham of Patterson
VERDICT: The deceased came to her death by accidentally falling into a well and chilling to death.
PERSONAL EFFECTS: none; deceased delivered to friends
REMARKS: Coroner fee: $11; Jury fee: $6.; court; $1.; clerk: $1.
Inquest held by W. C. Dawdy, J.P. at residence of the deceased in Wilmington Nov. 2. 1883

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