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Coronor's Hearings
1884 - 1919

DATE: January 8th, 1918
PAGE: 148
NAME OF DECEASED: George William Darr
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Male; 5 ft 8 in; fair complexion; dark brown eyes; gray hair
CORONER: Thomas Carmody
INQUEST HELD AT: Resident of the deceased
NAMES OF JURY: C.H. Booth; Jasper Hutchins; Sherman Ray; Wm. P. Johnson; August Bruns; Fred Pranger
WITNESSES: Luvisa Darr, Bluffdale Township, Housewife; Marie Voiles, Bluffdale Township, housekeeper; LeRoy Russell, Bluffdale Township, farmhand
VERDICT: Came to his death on the 8th day of January 1918 by a gun shot would inflicted by his own hands. Suicide intent account of despondency
REMARKS: He had been sick for past 2 years and at times became despondent on account he thought he would never recover his health. He arose early in the morning and his wife was talking to him. Later he arose while she was sleeping in the same bed and he shot himself with the shot gun. She awoke and immediately jumped up asking him " what was that?". She found him dead at the foot of the bed.

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