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Coronor's Hearings
1884 - 1919

DATE: August 6, 1884
PHYSICAL DESRCRIPTION: Male; about 5 ft 10 in
CORONER: G.W. Thompson
INQUEST HELD AT: Walkerville, Greene Co., IL
NAMES OF JURY: B.F. Mann; H.P. Nash; F or T H. Davidson; Robert Bochner; Wesley Painter; G.W. Wallace
WITNESSES: Edward Good of Carrollton, laborer; George Raines of Walkerville, farmer; Wesley Painter of Walkerville, farmer; Mrs. Julia Boyd of Walkerville; Curtis Raines of Walkerville, farmer; James Edwards of Walkerville, farmer
VERDICT: We the Jury, after sworn do find the evidence of the witnesess, that the deceased came to his death by a gun shot wound in the left hand side of the body, near the heart by his own hands
PERSONAL EFFECTS: none, body delivered to friends
REMARKS: Coroner fee: $11.00
Jury fee: 6.00
Constable: 1.00
Nesesary evidence: 2.00
Wesley Painter for notifiying The coroner at the time of the Death of the deceased; 1.30 PAID

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