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Coronor's Hearings
1884 - 1919

DATE: Feb. 20, 1886
NAME OF DECEASED: Ruth Jane Hopper
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: female; 5 ft tall; light complexion; light eyes; light hair
CORONER: George Thompson
INQUEST HELD AT: Felder, Greene Co., Illinois
NAMES OF JURY: A.B. Ruyle; Wilson Whitlock; Thomas Spencer; L.W. Sheppard; J.L. Walters; G.W. Crane
WITNESSES: Sidney Hopper (of) Greene Co., farmer; Thomas B. Downs, Greene Co., blacksmith; Mary Downs, Greene Co., laborer; Mary L. Barnard, Greene Co., laborer; Martha J. Cannady, Greene Co., laborer
VERDICT: In the matter of the inquisition on the body of Ruth Jane Hopper deceased held at Felter on the 20th day of Feb., 1886. We the undersigned jurors sworn to inquire of the death of Ruth Hopper on oath do find that she came t her death by cause unknown to the jury, supposed to be heart disease.
REMARKS: body turned over to friends and buried at Richwood's Church in Greene Co., IL
Coroners fee: $ 11; Jury fee: $6.; necessary expense; $1. PAID

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