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Coronor's Hearings
1884 - 1919

DATE: April 20th, 1916
PAGE: 137
NAME OF DECEASED: William H. Jones
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: male; 5 ft 10 in; brown eyes; grey hair; age-54 yr 1 mo 3 days; weight about 100 pounds
CORONER: Thomas H. Carmody, Deputy Coroner
INQUEST HELD AT: Berdan, Illinois
NAMES OF JURY: F. N. Collins; E. D. Lakin; Jas. S. Doolin; C.C. Rexroot; Jacob McAvoy; Geo. Brodmarkle
WITNESSES: Judson Bridges of Berdan, farmer; Frank Kelley of Berdan, laborer; M. H. Carmody of Berdan, Sec. laborer
VERDICT: natural causes
PERSONAL EFFECTS: Received from T.H. Carmody, Deputy Coroner, one check, amount $450.00; currency $40.00; silver 50 cents; property of Wm. H. Jones, deceased. Checks to William Jones {dated} 3/8/1914..$4.00; Checks to William Jones {dated} 4/8/1914..$4.00.
Signed by Frank Kelly, William Lavery, Puplic Administrator REMARKS

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