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Coronor's Hearings
1884 - 1919

DATE: September 28, 1895
PAGE: 45
NAME OF DECEASED: Hazekiah Light
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: male; 5 ft 9 in; dark complexion; blue eyes; grey hair
CORONER: Jas. Squire
NAMES OF JURY: G.B. Metcalf; A. Reeves; Thorton Capps; I. P. Barton; W. Meyers; Jms Bassham
WITNESSES: A. Kinkaid of Greenfield, physician; Larkin Gilland of Greenefield, painter; Johm Light of Greenfield, peddler; Sylvia Light of Greenfield, housewife
VERDICT: We the undersigned jurors sworn to inquire of the death of Hezekiah Light on oath do find that he came to his death by taking poison "chloral hydrate' with suicide intent.
PERSONAL EFFECTS: no personal effects
REMARKS: county buried; Deceased took an over dose of chloral hydrate, taken to sober off the a/c of drinking " hard cider " age, 65, born in VA, occupation, peddler

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