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Coronor's Hearings
1884 - 1919

DATE: August 17, 1919
PAGE: 156
NAME OF DECEASED: Edward Ashley (Weshley penciled in) Mayberry of Gillispie, IL
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: male, fair complexion
CORONER: Thomas H. Carmody
INQUEST HELD AT: residence of Norman Mayberry of Althenville, Greene Co., IL
NAMES OF JURY: Robert Caffery; C.E. McCraken; J.E Prather; W.S. Carmody; T. Converse; Ellis W. Talkington
WITNESSES: Chares E. Mayberry of Gillispie, Ilůminer; Edward T. _____ of White Hallůsteam engineer laborer
VERDICT: By accidental explosion of traction engine
REMARKS: A crowd had gathered at the residence of Norman Mayberry in Athenville for a homecoming dinner for a brother expected home from over seas service. The men went down to the coal mine and fired up an old engine to get water out of the mine. Boiler exploded and killed 3 of the boys (also John E. Sauson and Laurance Sauson of Hettick), wounding three more of the boys.

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