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Coronor's Hearings
1884 - 1919

DATE: May 9th, 1902
PAGE: 74
NAME OF DECEASED: Annie Marie Monroe
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: female; light complexion; blue eyes; light hair
CORONER: J.A. Cravens
INQUEST HELD AT: Athens Township
NAMES OF JURY: Fed Barnett; Jess Goolsby; George Crane; J.S. Strawmatt; C.C. Goolsby;
C. A. Kesinger
WITNESSES: Mrs. Monroe of Athensville, housewife; Mr. Monroe of Athensville, farmer
VERDICT: We the undersigned jurors sworn to inquire to the death of Annie Marie Monroe on oath due find that she came to her death by the hand of her little three year old sister striking Baby on top of the head while the 3 year old child was asleep.
REMARKS: Our examination of the body found the large frontal skull sunk in. No mark of violence on body. Child seemed in healthy condition the night before.

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