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Coronor's Hearings
1884 - 1919

DATE: Sept 1, 1901
PAGE: 73
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: male; 5 ft 9 in; light complexion: blue eyes; brown hair
CORONER: J. A. Cravens
INQUEST HELD AT: Roodhouse, Illinois
NAMES OF JURY: H.W. Smith, M.D.; L.L. Roberts; C.F. Kidd; C.J. Rhodes; Jas. A. Sawyer(?); C. W. Jones
WITNESSES: G. Spiker of Roodhouse, laborer; Mrs Mary Sink of Roodhouse, housewife; J.V. Sink of Roodhouse, laborer; Rebeca Monroe of Roodhouse, housewife; Mrs. Belle Monroe of Roodhouse, wife of deceased; E.H. Higbee, MD of Roodhouse, physician
VERDICT: We the undersigned jurors sworn to inquire the death of Jas. R.F. Monroe on oath do find that he came to his death by a stab wound in the right side of his head. Stab wound extending 4 inches into the brain. Stab would was inflicted according to evidence by knife or sharp instrument by one Thomas Markinck on the night of Sat. Aug. 31, 1901. Other evidence shows that Mike English prevented Jas. Spiker from going to the rescue of deceased and that Mike English struck Jas. Monroe a number of blows with the butt end of a ____ out____ & we hold Mike English as accessing to the act.
PERSONAL EFFECTS: Household goods, deceased turned over to relatives
REMARKS: A post mortem examination was held on the body. Wound in right temble extending 4 into the brain also show contusions of face& right side of abdomen show traumatic injuries..the wound in the head or the one in the bowels were sufficient to cause death.

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