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Coronor's Hearings
1884 - 1919

DATE: September 16th, 1902
PAGE: 77
NAME OF DECEASED: Edmond Richards
PHYSICAL DESRCIPTION: male; 5 ft 6 in; light complexion; grey eyes; grey hair
CORONER: J.A. Cravens
NAMES OF JURY: Victor Havlin/Havin; H. Gobble; O.B. Edwards; C.O. Daniels; J.M. Linder; Jess Linder
WITNESSES: Mrs. Leroy Richards, Greenfield, house wife; Mrs. May Kimbo, Greenfield, house wife
VERDICT: we the undersigned jurors sworn in the inquisition of the death of Edmond Richards do find that the cause of death was natural causes.
REMARKS: The cause of death likely from heart disease as he had several bad spells with it. No indication of foul play; body turned over to family and was in charge of Daniels of Greenfield.

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