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Coronor's Hearings
1884 - 1919

DATE: December 4th, 1917
PAGE: 147
NAME OF DECEASED: William Francis Webb
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Male; 5 ft 10 in; fair complexion; grey eyes, grey hair
CORONER: Thomas H. Carmody
INQUEST HELD AT: Bundy Undertaking parlor, Roodhouse, Illinois
NAMES OF JURY: Geo. E. Bundy; John Jones; Charles E. booth; M.T. Cuddy; Fred Pranger; Guy Hill
WITNESSES: Waverly Buchanan of Roodhouse, housewife; Lee Husted of Roohouse, farmer
VERDICT: {Death from} Gun shot wound in flicted by his own hands, suicide intent.
REMARKS: Had been drinking for some time. He & his wife quarreled & she left him about a month previous. {he} Had been intoxicated and in bed most of the time since Thanksgiving, Nov 19, 1917. Found by Lee Husted.
-----bills paid to date except Lawman Short & Ford Kelly-----

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