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Coronor's Hearings
1884 - 1919

DATE: Feb 5, 1895
PAGE: 43
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: female; 5 ft 3 in; dark complexion; blue eyes; black hair
CORONER: James Squire
INQUEST HELD AT: Carrollton, Greene Co., Illinois
NAMES OF JURY: Dr. Jas. F. Potts, of Carrollton, Physicain; JamesE. Ferguson, James E. ____; W. Todd; Charles E. Cameron; Wm. Linder
WITNESSES: J.F.Potts, of Carrollton, Physician; W.F. Stock of Carrollton, retired citizen; F.P. Williams of Carrollton, druggist; J.C. Bowman(?) of White Hall, County Judge
VERDICT: We the undersigned, sworn to inquire of the death of Stella Winn, here do find her death by reason of having taken "10 grains" of strychnine with sucicidal intent.
PERSONAL EFFECTS: underclothes, shatchel and syringe, turned over to relations.
REMARKS: The deceased took 10 gms of strychnine purchased to "kill the day" as she said. IN the parlor of the Basham Hotel at 1 p.m. and lived in White Hall. She left a letter stating that she did the deed a/c {account} of having been "crossed in love" by one Smith Franklin, a barber in Roodhouse. She was from an excellent family and was buried in Carrollton Cemetery by relations.

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