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Coroner's Directory
Greene County, Illinois
Book #1
1874 - 1883

One of our fellow list members has graciously offered to transcribe the information from this book which covers the years 1874 - 1883, and one additional book for the years 1884 - 1919.

Her father purchased a huge box of old books from an estate sale in Greene County some 30 years ago. The box, forgotten all these years, came to her after the death of her parents. In the bottom of that box, she found the two volumes of coroners records. Thank heavens the box came to someone with an interest in and love for researching family history! As with all old records - there are many mis-spelled names. Penny prepared the index with names spelled as they are in the old book, so be creative when checking for names you are researching.

Information included in these entries, which vary in size from just a little information to quite a lot, includes such items as Name; Sex; Physicial Description; location where the coroner's inquest was held; names of the coroner and his jury; a list of witnesses, and the coroner's jury verdict.

If you are interested in seeing a transcription for one of these entries, you may email Penny and request that it be put online.

NOTE: The county clerk has decided that they would like to have the copies of these books returned to the county. They have promised to copy the books and send copies to Penny so that she can continue to make the transcriptions available. Until she receives copies of the books, she will be unable to add additional transcriptions.

If the entry is online, just click on the page number (it will be a different color).

Name Pg # Name Pg #
Adler, Charles 4 Josephson, J. 22
Armstrong, John 15
Lackman/Lochman, H. 8
Baines, Soloman 24 Lysell, Patrick 7
Baldwin, Harry 18
Bannister, Elisha 24 Malloy, Edward 11
Basham, Cornelies 6 Manger, James O. 23
Benson, George (#1) 21 Marshal, William 20
Benson, George (#2) 21 Martin, Anthony 23
Bishop, William 3 Martin, Hiram 26
Black, Harry 6 Marzman, R. 3
Blake, Samuel 8 McCasaday, R. A. 3
Bond, Col. F. P. 12 McConathy, Perry 15
Braganier, W. V. 10 McCuliff, Charles 9
Brown, James 17 McCurer, M. M. 12
Burton, Edward 21 McReme, John 10
Burton, Thomas 21 Miller, John 19
Milleske, Joseph 5
Campbell, Omar 5 Monroe, John 10
Carey/Casey, Maurice 11 Moore, Evan Thomas 19
Collins, Patrick 5
Cunningham, Samuel M. 13 Neece, Wm. H. 2
Davis, Charles H. 14 Patten/Potter, A. J. 1
Dawson, Francis M. 9 Payne, Charles 11
Dormer, John L. 6 Price, Sarah 19
Doyle, Dennis 13
Driscoll, Michael 1 Riddell, Henry 14
Ross, Alva 18
Evans, Clark 1
Saird/Baird, Wm. 20
Faistol, Michael 2 Sheriff, James 16
Follis/Fallis, Samuel 14 Shirley, John 4
Sleight, George 22
Ginney, F. 13 Standerfer, George W. 2
Green, Thomas 9 Standerfer, Isreal (?) 12
Stone, Daniel/David 25
Heavener, James 8
Hess, Douglas 18 Thompson, Albert L. E. 15
Hinton, A. L. 4 Tysell, John 4
Hinzy, Henry 7
Hotterman, Phillip 27 Unknown Man 25
Hoyt, Frank 26
Hunter, George W. 16 Wagner, John 20
Hurted, Flora 25 Wiles, Jennie 24
Isham, Thomas 26 Young, Rosa May 23

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