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This index was extracted from the original Inquest Files by Marty Crull on behalf of the Tri County Newsletter group. The Tri-County Newsletter group is providing a look-up and copy service for these files. This energetic group is devoted to finding and reprinting all out dated and out of circulation books which cover the Tri-County area (Calhoun, Greene & Jersey Counties).

To obtain a copy of an inquest file for one of the individuals listed below, send the name of the file you wish copied and a check for $10.00 to the following address:

Tri Co. Newsletter
RR 1, Box 9
Carrollton, IL 62016

According to Marty, some of these files contain only a few sheets while others are half a book in size.

Admire, James A. Gimmy, Fredrick Francis Phillips, William H.
Allen, Emma Dean Good, W. H. Pipkins, James
Andrews, Samuel Goodon, George R. Piquett, William
Anson, Robert Graham, Robert Pointer, John
Arendell, Elijah Grendahl, Berger Pope, Samuel
Armstrong, Jacob Grider, Ella Pope, Sarah Ann
Ash, Eva Louisa Grimes, Sarah Pope, William M.
Austin, Mary Ann Guile, George Potter, A. J.
Axley, Effie Mrs. Price, Sarah
Halway, Thomas Pritchett, Lula
Badman, William Hamilton, Thomas Pruitt, Cora
Baines, Soloman Hammack, George
Baldwin, Harvey Hand, Manford A. Quisenberry, Philip
Ballard, Roy Wm. Hanks, C. C.
Ballard, William H. Hanks, David B. Rafferty, Samuel
Bannister, Elisha Hanks, Feldon Raines, Martha
Banyan, Joseph Hanks, Mary J. Range, George W.
Barnett, Lottie Mrs. Hardwick, James Rathgeber, Frederica
Barnett, William Harper, Oscar Rathgeber, John
Beard, Arthur Harrison, Charles G. Rawlins, Paul
Beckum, William Hartgrove, William R. Ray, Albert
Bell, Fines E. Haver, Smith Rayfield, Peter
Beltz, Bonepart Havey, S. L. Remond, G. W.
Benner, Charles Hazlewood, James Retheford, Sarah E.
Benson, George Boy Helmick, E. W. Retherford, Albert
Bishop, George W. Heskett, Cashus Rexroat, Matilda
Black, William Hess, Douglas Reynolds, Infant
Blitz, Carlton Hillis, William Rhodes, george W.
Bolls, H. L. Hodge, John Richards, Edmond
Boyden, James Holder, Elmer Riddell, Henry G.
Boyles, Barton W. Holland, Joseph Rigg, Amos P.
Brazenell, Edward J. Holtman, Phillip S. Rives, James W.
Brennen, Patrick Hopper, Ruth Jane Rogers, Guy
Bridgeman, Clarence H. Hough, Samuel Roper, William A.
Bridges, Infants Female Hoyt, Frank Ross, Alva C.
Bridgewater, Levi Huggins, Herbert M. Ross, Samuel D.
Briggs, A. L. Hunter, George W. Ryan, John
Brooks, J. Husted, Flora Ryan, Martin
Brown, C. M. Dr.
Brown, George G. Isham, Lara Velma Scates, Hugh M.
Brown, James Isham, Thomas Schamerhorn, Amanda Jane
Brown, Lauretta Isom, Joseph Schnelt, Mary
Browning, Thomas Schnelton, John Henry
Buchannan, John Jeffries, James Schuckenbrock, Henry C.
Buntley, Cora Isabell Johnson, James I. Scoggins, Harold Bryan
Burch, Ambrose Johnson, Martha P. Scoggins, Mary E.
Burrus, John Johnson, Osrland Shackleford, William Curtis
Burton, Edward Johnson, Perry Shane, Oscar Leroy
Burton, Thomas Johnson, Wise Shankle, Wilfred Ray
Butler, George D. Jones, Clarence E Shaw, E. T.
Jones, Daniel R. Sheriff, James
Cade, David Jones, Edward Elihu Sieberman, Edward S.
Cade, Laura Ann Jones, John West Sleight, George
Callahan, James Jones, Wilson Slone, David
Callup, Ambrose Josephson, Jacob Smith, Irvin
Campbell, John W. Smith, Peter
Campbell, Robert Kane, Charles H. Stallings, James C.
Cannady, Ollie Kaster, Benjamin Standifrer, Israel
Cardwell, John H. Keeley, Jacob Staples, George W.
Carkhoff, N. W. Kinser, Charles E. Stevenson, Bert
Carmondy, James Klinger, Peter Stoddard, William H.
Carrell, Susan Knight, Patrick Stone, Alonzo
Carroll, Thomas Strait, Gideon
Carter, W. A. Lahr, Joseph H. Strawmatt, Hardin
Casey, Daniel E. Laird, Henry Suttles, Jordan C.
Cavanaugh, William LaVille, Tony A. Sutton, Marsh
Certains, John Lawson, John
Chambers, Cicero Ledbetter, David Talkington, Jacob
Champion, Luther Lee, Lena Tally, Thomas
Child, Unknown Male Lee, Mary Tanner, Jemina
Clap, Carl Lewis, Belle Taylor, James Franklin
Clardy, Felix Grundy Light, Hezikiah Taylor, Thomas L.
Cockran, Harry Long, James Thill, Valentine
Colamire, Anatilia Louis, a German boy Thomas, William D.
Condon, John C. Luther, Robert K. Thompson, Albert L. E.
Cook, Alexander F. Thompson, David A.
Cox, Benjamin R. Maddy, Mattie E. Thompson, Harry
Cox, Mary Manger, James Oscar Tooley, Henry
Crabtree, Marth Manning, John J. Tribble, Emma Belle
Craig, Infant Market, Edward R. Turnbell, James
Crow, William M. Marlin, John
Cullimore, Edward B. Marshall, William Unknown, Male 1852
Cummings, Robert Martin, Anthony Unknown, Male 1853
Cunningham, Clarissa Martin, Charles Edward Unknown, Male 1855
Cunningham, Samuel Martin, Lee Unknown, Male 1859
Massey, Lakin J. Unknown, Male 1862
Daringer, Leroy Massey, William C. Unknown, Male 1882
Dat, William E. May, David Unknown, Male 1884
David, Eva M. McCluer, M. M. Unknown, Male 1891
Davidson, John McConathy, Pery Unknown, Male 1895
Davis, Beuford McElroy, James Unknown, Male 1899
Davis, Charles H. McFarland, Bertha Unknown, Male 1900
Davis, Douglas McFarland, Cyrus Unknown, Male 1907
Davis, Emma E. McKearney, John Unknown, Male Colored 1907
Davis, Giles McNamara, Thomas Ustley, Martin
Dawdy, W. C. Meek, Webb
Day, George W. Meister, John Vigus, Cyrus
Delacyd, G. W. Miller, A. O. Voiles, Marshall
Delong, Levi Miller, George W.
Dempsey, Fred Miller, Ida Waggoner, John
Donavan, Garrett L. Miller, John Waggoner, John F.
Douglas, Carey Miller, Nancy Jane Walls, James H.
Dowle, Dennis Monroe, Annie Marie Walters, Della
Downey, Eugene Montgomery, Andrew Wamsley, James Know
Draper, William S. Moon, George Ware, Benjamin F.
Driscoll, Patrick Moore, Evan Thomas Warren, Golden
Duprey, Alex Moore, S. C. D. Washburn, J. P. M.
Morgan, Rebecca Waters, James B.
Eades, James H. Morris, Joseph Welsh, Michael
Early, Female Infant Mungall, Harry G. White, Infant
Eastham, Frank Myers, John W. Wilburn, Mattie D.
Eldred, Lewis J. Mytinger, Fred A. Wilburn, William L.
Ellison, Timothy Napper, John Wiles, Jennie
Elmore, Frederick L. Neighbors, Emma Jane Williams, George C.
England, John H. Nelson, Allen Wilson, C. H.
Winn, John
Fallis, Samuel Newingham, Elizabeth Winn, Stella
Feldhause, Lucas Newton, Thomas Witt, Rolla F.
Fetter, Lyman B. Woods, Augustus
Fitzgerald, Edgar O'Brien, Patrick Wooldridge, Alexander
Florence, Clarence Crawly Otto, Anna Wyatt, Dovey
Foley, Thomas
Foog, John Painter, Frank Yager, Edgar
Frehon, John Benjamin Parker, William Young, Anna
Fry, William H. Patcell, Roy Young, Fred
Patterson, Elmer L. Young, Jacob
Gardner, Herbert Payne, Charles Young, Rosa May
Garrett, Bert Pence, John W. Young, William
Garrett, John H. Perrin, A. E.
Garrett, Lemual Peters, Charles E.
Gilbert, Edward E. Pettit, George

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