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Died after 1835; Buried Greene County, IL; Service: Pvt., North Carolina Continental Troops; Pension: S16601. Pension roll, Greene County, IL, Oct. 23, 1833 age 71; also listed in 1835.

Born: March 27, 1753 in the Borough of Southwark, London, England; Died: 13 Sept 1831; Buried: White Hall Cemetery, White Hall Township, Greene County, Illinois; Spouse: Mrs. Mary McGahe; Residences: He came to the United States in 1773. After the war he moved to Ohio and from there to Greene County, Illinois.

Born 2 May 1758 in Kent, Connecticut; Died: October 21, 1837; Buried: Either Seely Mill Cemetery, White, Hall, Greene County, Illinois or White Hall Cemetery, Greene County, Illinois; Service: Private, Pennsylvania Continental troops, Connecticut. He enlisted June 1, 1776 to six months with Col. Heman Swift and Capt. Ebenezer Couch. In 1777 he served two months with Capt. Sackett and Col Hooker, and the same year with Capt. Peter Mills and Col. John Wood. In 1779 he served six months with Col. Heman Swift; Pension: S32111 (Conn.) Pension Roll, January 9, 1834, Greene County, age 7.

Born 1756, Wake County, North Carolina: Died after 1840; Buried at White Hall Cemetery, White Hall, Greene County, IL; Spouse: Elizabeth Irwin; Service: Private, North Carolina Continental Troops. He enlisted in Rowan County and served seven months in Capt. Simeon Alexander's Company, Col. Joseph McDowell's Regiment. He was in the battles of Ramsour and Salisbury. He served in the war of 1812. Pension: Pension Roll, April 3, 1832, age 77; 1840 Federal Census, Greene County, age 80. Elizabeth W8159 (NC).

Born 1765 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; Died 13 Sept 1844; Buried - probably Greene County, Ill.; Service: Private, Virginia Continental Troops. He served from 1778 to the close of the war, enlisting three times with Capt. Timothy Downing, Capt. Samuel Teeters and Col. Matthew Williamson and Col. William Crawford. He was in battle with Indians at the time Col. Crawford was captured.; Pension: Pension Roll, Aug. 22, 1833, age 69; Pension Census of June 1, 1840, Greene County, age 75, residing with Absalom Clark, head of family.

Born about 1760, probably in Virginia; Died about 1839, aged 79 years; Buried: Greene County, Ill.; Spouse - Margaret; Service: Private, Virginia Continental Trooops. He enlisted at Reed Island in 1777 for eighteen months and again in 1779 for sixteen months under Capt. William Buchanan, Capt. Isaac Riddle, with Col. Boon and Col. Abraham Bowman.; Pension: Madison County Pension Roll, August 22, 1833, age 73. Margaret W10674 (Va).

COTTER, William
Born 1762; Died after 1789; Buried Near Patterson, Greene County, Ill.; Spouse - Catherine Vance; Residences: Resident of Princess Anne County, Virginia; Service: Private, Virginia; He was granted land for his service.

Buried - Probably Greene County, Illinois; Service - Soldier, Pennsylvania; Pension: R3602 (penn); Residence Carrollton, Greene County Illinois, when pension claim rejected (Act of June 7, 1832) "not six months service."

Born near Fredericktown, Pennsylvania; Died 13 Oct 1840; Buried in Patterson Cemetery, Patterson Township, Greene County, Ill.; Service: Private, Infantry and Cavalry North Carolina Continental. He enlisted in 1775 in Wilkes County, North Carolina, for three months in Capt. John Hamlins's Company, Col. Benjamin Cleveland's Regiment; in 1781 in Capt. Alexander Gordon's Company, Col. Joseph McDowell's Regiment. He was in the battles of Cross Creek, the surrender of Ninety-six, and Eutaw Springs.; Pension: S32260(NC); Pension Roll, June 6, 1833, Greene County, age 87; Pension Census of June 1, 1840, Greene County, age 99, residing with Edward Flatt, head of family.

Born on 11 Jun 1758 at New Milford, Connecticut. Died 1 Sep 1841; Buried in North Cemetery, White Hall, Greene County, Ill.; Spouse - Mary Barton; Service: Patriotic Service; Vermont Militia. He entered the service in Vermont under Capt. Joshua Barnum and Major Gideon Brownson, Vermont Militia, serving as a scout until 1778. He was taken prisoner and held in Quebec until 1781.; Pension, Pension Roll, November 15, 1833, Greene County, age 74; Pension Census, Greene County, June 1, 1840, age 88, Mary R4347.

Born 25 Jan 1761 in Brunswick County, Va; Died 6 Jun 1848; Buried - Reported in Providence Cemetery, East Carrollton, Greene County, Illinois and also in White Hall Cemetery, White Hall, Greene County, Ill.; Spouse - Elizabeth Ratliff; Service: Sergeant, North Carolina Continental troops. He enlisted in August, 1778 in North Carolina; re-enlisted seven times, serving until 1781, under Captains James Williams, Ballard Smith, William McFarlane, James Moore, John Henderson, Nathan Goodye, Richard White, John Fuller, and Col. Francis Malmady. He was in the battles of Guilford Court House and Ramsour's Mill. He also served as Sergeant of the Eighth Virginia Regiment.; Pension: Pension Roll, June 6, 1833, Greene County, age 73; Pension Census of June 1, 1840, Greene County, age 79. Elizabeth W3682 (NC).

Born in Virginia; Died 14 Dec 1834; Buried in Hicks Cemetery or White Hall Cemetery, White Hall, Greene County, Ill.; Service: Sergeant, Virginia. He had service both in the Virginia Militia and in Crockett's Regiment in 1777. He came to Kaskaskia with Col. George Rogers Clark.

Buried in Walkerville Cemetery, Walkerville Greene County, Ill.; Service: Corporal, Pennsylvania.

Buried in Walkerville Cemetery (southwest part), Walkerville, Greene County, Ill.; Service - Soldier, Virginia.

Born 15 Feb 1747 in Charlotte, Va.; Died 16 May 1833; Buried in White Hall Cemetery, White Hall, Greene County, Ill.; Spouse - Tabitha Ganaway; Residences: After the war he removed to Kentucky, then to Illinois, locating in Bond County, and from there to Greene County. He was the founder of Lorton Prairie, near White Hall.; Service: Sergeant, Virginia. He enlisted in 1776 from Charlotte, Virginia, serving two years in Capt John Morton's Company, in the Fourth Virginia Regiment, commanded by Col. Adam Stephen. He was in the battles of Trenton, Germantown and Brandywine. He served six months in Capt. John Holcomb's Company; Pension: Pension Roll, October 12, 1819, Greene County. Tabitha, R6454 (Va) (deceased), widow of Robert, resident of Carrollton, Greene County, when pension claim suspended (Act July 4, 1836) "For further proof and identity".

Born 16 Oct 1753 at sea; Died 19 Feb 1843; Buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Greenfield, Greene Co., Il.; Spouse - Jane; Service: Captain, North Carolina. He enlisted in Mecklenburg County, South Carolina in 1775. He was made Captain and served in the Riflemen Rangers with Col. Robert Irwin until 1781. He was in the battles of Hanging Rock and Guilford Court House; Pension: Pension Roll, May 13, 1834, age 80; Pension Census, Greene County, Illinois, June 1, 1840, age 96, residing with David Miller, head of family. Jane W23984(NC)

Born in New Jersey; Died 1843; Buried in North Cemetery, White Hall, Greene County, IL; Service - Private, New Jersey Militia. Served under Captain Seely. ; Pension: S32451 (NJ); Pension Roll, Greene County, March 6, 1834, age 71.

Buried in the Memorial Section, White Hall City Cemetery, White Hall, Greene County, IL; Service, Soldier, New Jersey Militia.

Buried - probably in Greene County, Illinois. Service - Soldier, Virginia. He continued in service after the close of the war and was in the United States Infantry.

Born 1763 in Brunswick County, Virginia; Died 25 Jan. 1845; Buried at Carrollton, Greene County, Ill.; Married 1 Jan 1789 in Marion County, South Carolina; Spouse - Anna Hightower, born 10 Jun 1764; died October 28, 1850 in Greene County; Service: Private, Sergeant, North Carolina Continental. He enlisted in 1778 from Burke County, NC in Capt. Robert Temples' Company with Major Charles Pickney. He served in Companies of Capt. Philip Taylor, Capt. Philip Thomas and Capt. John Whitley, with Major William Dennis and Major Robert Rayford.; Pension: Pension roll, 6 Jun 1833, Greene County, age 70; Pension Census, Greene County, Illinois, 1 Jun 1840, age 77, residing with R. H. Scroggins head of family; Ann W24913 (NC).

SMITH, AARON Born 5 Apr 1765; Died 1 Feb 1841; Buried in White Hall City Cem., White Hall, Greene Co., Ill.; Spouse - Agnes; Residences: He removed to Tennessee and from there to Greene County, Ill.; Service, Private, North Carolina Continental troops. He enlisted in 1781 from North Carolina, serving thirty-four days in Companies of Capt. Elijah Moore and Capt. Michael Randolph, commanded by Col. Archibald Lytle and Col. Henry Lee. He was wounded in the battle of Eutaw Springs: Pension: Agnes R9682 (NC). In 1818 residence was Anderson County, Tennessee; Pension roll, January 13, 1819, transferred from East Tennessee where he had resided in Washington County.

Born about 1767 in Caswell County, North Carolina; Died 5 Apr 1850; Buried in Hickory Grove Cemetery, Wrights, Greene County, Ill.; also reported White Hall Cemetery, White Hall, Greene County; Spouse - Sarah Gravitt; Service: Private, Patriotic Service; North Carolina. He enlisted from Caswell County, North Carolina in May 1782 in the Tenth Regiment, Continental line.; Pension: R10483 (NC); Residence Carrollton, Greene County, when pension claim rejected (Act June 7, 1832) "No proof of service from the North Carolina records."

Born 1758/9 in Botetourt County, Va.; Died 27 Mar 1843; Buried either in Thompson Cemetery, on Doyle Farm, Barrow; or White Hall, Greene County, Ill.; Spouse - Winney Brickey; Service, Private, Virginia Continental troops. He enlisted in 1781 for three months in Capt. Henry Pawling's Company, Col. William McClenahan's Regiment; in 1781 for six months in Capt. David May's Company, Col. Thomas Fleming's Regiment. He was serving under General Greene in the siege of Yorktown and surrender of Cornwallis.; Pension: Pension list, Greene County, Ill., 9 Jan 1834, age 75.

Born about 1761; Died after 1833; Buried Greene County, Ill.; Service: Private, Kentucky Artillery Continental troops, Virginia. (During the Revolutionary War, Kentucky was always known as the "County of Kentucky, State of Virginia" hence the record shows he had Virginia service.) Pension: S32569 (Va); Pension roll, Greene County, 6 Jun 1833, age 72.

Buried Henderson Cemetery, White Hall, Greene Co., Ill.

Buried Highstreet Cem., White Hall, Greene Co., Ill.

Born January 26, 1848/9 in Seneca, Montgomery County, Maryland. On December 19, 1771, he married Preshea Riley, daughter of Ninian riley, also a Rev. War soldier. They moved first to Yadkin Forks, Rowan County, North Carolina, then to Fayette County, Kentucky on Marble Creek. They came to Greene County, Illinois with their ten children and other family members in October 1830, and lived about a half mile south of the village of Woodville in Greene County, Illinois. Stephen Wood signed the Patriots Oath of Support in 1778. He was in the Maryland Militia, Revolutionary War, Montgomery County Upper Battalion, 6th Co. He was also in the War of 1812. Stephen died November 16, 1835 in Greene County and was buried near Woodville. No headstone has been found. The SAR recently provided a headstone and it will eventually be place in the war memorial section of the Carollton cemetery. (Note: information provided by Elaine Powell.)

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